A Terrible Fired Back Of America If China Sunk Two Aircraft Carriers Carry Thousands Of People

According to Fox News, on December 20th, speaking at an industry conference of military, Admiral China Lou Yuan said the US was afraid of casualties so the easiest way to defeat opponents is sunk two American carriers, which more than 10,000 sailors were killed.

“We will see how Americans are fear!” Admiral Lou said. American journalists consider this move dangerous escalation of tensions. Officials and Chinese President Xi Jinping last time claims are solid.

US newspaper said that Mr. Xi and administration officials are disturbed by the recent events related to China. Ambition to exercise great influence over the world of China faces many obstacles since President Donald Trump constantly attacked Chinese economy.

Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người - 1

US report said that although the administration of George Bush or Brack Obama has the “less concerned about China”, the fundamental aspects of the US economy is still strong and fighting spirit of America never faded. Lesson in Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese surprise attack on the US military base in Hawaii is still there with China, according to Fox News.

If China attacks US carrier by bombers, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, the US completely flattened enough all places rocket plane was taking off. Americans then closed to commercial fleets and the Chinese navy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

Not only that, China will cut energy resources from abroad while exports blocked. After a few weeks, the Chinese factory will be frozen because no raw materials for production. In contrast, the US is the country with mineral reserves abundant and willing enough to overcome these difficult days, even in the case of China want to escalate tensions, attack the North American.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

According to the US, it is best at this time China should restrain speech, prepared to sit at the negotiating table with the US on trade issues. Donald Trump and US President Rights Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan recently emphasized that in competitive race to power, the US always takes notice at China.










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