Abandoned Railway Become a Hiking and Biking Trail

An interpretation of a deserted railway and how it could look after it has been converted into a linear park, the Ludlam Trail was what turned into reality when Miami-Dade commissioners, on the 14th of September 2018 approved $25 million for the purchase of the five-mile Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, Miami-Dade commissioners approved a $25 million purchase of the five-mile railway. It will be created into a hiking trail as well as a biking trail.

A New Hiking Trail and Biking Trail Approved

It is after a long journey that the purchase of Ludlam Trail park, that Miami-Dade was finally ready to agree to the purchase and with the approval of the purchase the abandoned railway of nearly six miles will finally be converted into a running trail, hiking trail, and biking trail that runs all the way from outside of the Miami International Airport to the Dadeland Mall. After a six-year struggle the unanimous vote marked the end, the deal with Brightline railway allows 57 acres of land to be transformed into a trail that runs through a dense commercial area and residential complexes

Concerns & Disagreements Finally at an End

In the past, the Ludlam project sparked concerns and disagreement between cycling enthusiasts and the park advocates as it would involve developments to the vacant land dividing several residential neighbourhoods. Rebeca Sosa who voted yes feels the approval will make history in Miami-Dade County as the deal is final and approved with Florida East Coast Industries.

Building the Biking and Hiking Trail to be completed in Several Phases

Now significant work involves building out the entire 5.6 miles of the linear park that was envisioned, it currently suffers from contamination to the soil, which must be fixed before it can be reopened for public use. In the $94 million price tag, Miami-Dade secured around $27 million for the Ludlam plan, this means that the new hiking and biking trail will emerge in several phases.

Ludlam to be One of the High-Profile Trails soon to be created by Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade hopes to create two high-profile trials the first Ludlam and the other the Underline. Planning both in the coming years the linear park is planned to be created mostly out of already existing paths under the elevated tracks of the Miami-Dade’s Metrorail system.

Underline first Tow-Mile Phase Approved

Even before the vote took place for Ludlam, the commission committee approved $14 million for the construction part of the first phase of the construction of the Underline. The footpath will be transformed into a mini basketball court, space for table games, landscaping and exercise equipment. Meg Daly the organizer of the Underline projects feels it’s a new world for the country and was hugely excited when the Ludlam project was also approved. Should the tracks ever need to be converted back to tracks, the federal law would require the owner to allow it, even though this scenario is unlikely it is still in existence.

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