Bristish football C1 and C2 finals: An unprecedented record in the European Cup

Bristish football set an unprecedented record in the European Cup after Tottenham and Liverpool won the Champions League final and Chelsea and Arsenal reached the Europa League final.

Chelsea 1-1 Frankfurt. Chelsea held a 1-1 draw against Frankfurt and won 4-3 on a penalty shootout in the semi-finals of the Europa League. This result helps Maurizio Sarri’s teachers and coaches win tickets to the Europa League final, against Arsenal.

Liverpool and Tottenham have come together to create incredible back-ups to reach the Champions League final. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Arsenal also excellently won tickets to the Europa League final.

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Thus, he became the first country to have four teams reaching the two European Cup finals in the same season. Previously, the countries of Germany, Italy and Spain only had at most 3 teams participating in 2 European Cup finals in the same season.

The first was Germany in 1980, Frankfurt faced Borussia Monchengladbach in the UEFA Cup final (C2 Cup) while Hamburg reached the European Cup final (C1 Cup) and lost 0-1 to England’s Nottingham Forest.

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By 1990, Italy did the same when Juventus and Fiorentina met in the UEFA Cup final and AC Milan Champions League won 1-0 against Benfica of Portugal. Italian football also re-established this achievement in 1995 (AC Milan finals in the Cup, the Parma and Juventus met in the Cup of C2) and in 1998 (Juventus entered the Champions League final, Inter and Lazio met at the Cup of C2 ).

In a comment on BT Sport, former player Glenn Hoddle shared: “It’s great for English football and you can see that the four teams are getting stronger. Don’t be surprised if they replicate this achievement in the future. Let’s celebrate this season first, all those four teams should be proud of the way they play, although Chelsea doesn’t play very well, it’s a good sign still win.

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Former Arsenal striker John Hartson stressed: “The way that happens is true. Not many people think Liverpool from a 0-3 defeat can go against Barcelona, ​​one of them. “The best team in the world. Tottenham are also led 2 goals before winning a spectacular victory. All teams have shown great qualities to achieve that achievement”.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail’s Martin Keown said: “The quality of the Premier League coaches is getting better. It’s another night. At the weekend, we still have the championship race between Liverpool and Man City to expected”.





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