China spent more than $40 billion on mobile applications in 2018

According to the report entitled “The State of Mobile 2019” by App Annie, China accounts for nearly half of the total of 194 billion applications downloaded in 2018.

According to App Annie, a mobile data research firm, smartphone growth is slowing globally, but users last year spent an average of three hours a day – or a month and a half in the year – on electricity. Mobile phones and have downloaded a total of about 194 billion applications.

Notably, according to the report entitled “The State of Mobile 2019”, China accounts for nearly half of all applications downloaded in 2018. b This is somewhat contrary to the slowing growth trend of China’s smart phone market as well as a temporary freeze status in approving new titles in the world’s most populous country.

As one of the largest smart phone markets in the world, China also accounts for nearly 40% of the amount of up to $101 billion that global consumers have spent on applications through paid downloads, Purchase service content in the application and subscribe in the application last year. Most transactions are done in mobile games.

“The Chinese smartphone market is quite peculiar because its development varies from city to city”, Jaede Tan, a regional manager for App Annie, told CNBC news agency. He explained that the highly developed smart phone market like Shanghai and Beijing – users download fewer apps but they tend to spend more time on them and buy more content in the app.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc chi hơn 40 tỷ USD cho ứng dụng di động trong 2018

Meanwhile in cities, lower cities, where many people have never even had smartphones. And in the first use of smartphones, they will combine two factors: downloading new applications and discovering increased content and services within the app. That is why China is a growth engine of such a global application market.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc chi hơn 40 tỷ USD cho ứng dụng di động trong 2018

Of the top 300 technology companies around the world, Chinese companies have won 32% of consumer spending, generating revenues of about $ 19.6 billion. Meanwhile, the top US companies account for about 22%.






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