Chinese Military Aircraft Pervade The Sky, U.S Allies Extremely Concerned

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), South Korean authorities have expressed concerned when Chinese aircraft constantly invading the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of this country.

In the latest incident, reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare Shaanxi Y-9 entering the ADIZ of South Korea without prior notice. The aircraft entered the Socotra rock area in the sea of Japan and left the area, into the Japanese air defense identification about 40 minutes later. Not stop at that, the Chinese aircraft continue backing to South Korea’s ADIZ after more than an hour, going through the exclusive economic zone of South Korea on the sea of Japan, between the Korean Mainland and the island of Ulleungdo.

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This is the unusual signs because very seldom having Chinese aircraft to hang out around the area during the afternoon from morning like that. According to the South Korean Air Force, the number of Chinese aircraft to go into service in the air defence identification in this country is increasingly on the rise. In 2016 have 60 cases, 70 cases in 2017 and only in the first 9 months of the year 2018 has 110 cases.

Seoul has summoned a Chinese military attache in South Korea to express “deep concerns” and required “measures to prevent the recurrence of this”. An anonymous source of the South Korean Air Force said Seoul is “special attention” to the incident.

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Gender analysis said that flight was how the Chinese respond in front of the risk that Washington increased military activity in the area, if negotiations between the United States and North Korea broke down. By military aircraft, China extended the range but also send a message that is willing to act for the benefit of the region.

America had so many times put military aircraft to this area, including strategic bombers B-52. Beijing and Pyongyang vehemently criticized the action. “The Chinese plane’s activity is a part of this country’s long term strategy to increase the influence, enhanced presence and increased pressure in the area of the Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean”, experts at the Pusan National University – Ryo Hinata Yamaguchi said.

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According to gender analysis, Beijing fears the Alliance of America – Korea – Japan increasingly stout, even called the NATO of Asia. South Korea and Japan have signed an agreement to share military intelligence in 2016. China has criticized the deal and said that the countries concerned have “cold war thinking”.

“The establishment of a triangular Alliance between the US, South Korea and Japan will become the biggest threat to Beijing”, said Professor Hinata Yamaguchi. “China will feel need to act to prevent the U.S – Korean – Japanese alliance become the deep alliance”.

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Beijing claims the reconnaissance patrols, prompting South Korea to such concerns is a normal operation. Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Chinese Defense Ministry said the military always comply with the law and international practices, and South Korea need not be too surprised.

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