Forget Brexit Count Butterflies

The request for people to start counting butterflies and stop squabbling about Brexit came from Sir David Attenborough. The naturalist urged the British public to take part in the biggest every butterfly survey worldwide and to forget all the political drama of Brexit. He was gaining support from the European community for a nationwide project in with wildlife enthusiast are requested to record and spot the wide variety of different species of the most unique and exquisite wild insects they enjoy visiting their gardens.

As a 92-year-old he was urging people to turn their minds away from the negativity of Brexit and to focus on the beauty and positivity brought with butterflies as they quietly sit down in the sun and bring with them peace and tranquillity.

Butterfly Conservation

The major exercise is coordinated by the butterfly conservation and designed to create awareness and increase the knowledge around one of the most striking and unique insects. Sir Attenborough also promoted the butterfly conservation project on Radio 4 and urged people to reach out towards that what is good and forget the woes surrounding Brexit, to leave the negative part of politics in the past and to appreciate nature, the sun and the pleasures that can be found in each garden.

The naturalist also encouraged people to enjoy the opportunity that brings calmness to their spirit and soul and to just relax and take it easy. Butterflies flourish in the current weather conditions, and some of the most commonly seen species are the sky-blue butterflies. It is the 9th year of the big butterfly counting campaign since it has been going since 2010. Up to now, more than 60,000 wildlife devotees have recorded what they have found, and the organisers hope that this year would be the highlight.

The community has been requested to take note of seventeen species, which includes the common white, red admirals, common blue, and holly blue butterflies since most butterfly species have decreased in the past 40 years in the UK. With the warmer weather, the hope is to spot more of the winged wonders than in previous years as this is the weather they flourish in and with people looking for something positive to look forward to the butterfly conservation project could not come at a better time.

The greatest fear is that the butterfly special could further decline due to cold weather conditions, but hopefully this year will bring with it lots of good news as many UK citizens plan to take part in this out-door project based on the positive. Spending time in the garden is now not only for your pleasure but also to record the habits of the most striking insects and even if you not participating it is still a great way to remove all the negative and to just enjoy the calmness all butterflies represents. Maybe the call would not only be heard by the UK community but also make people from across the globe aware of just how unique butterflies are.

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