How does Beijing escape from the world’s most polluted air group?

In 1998, Beijing declared war on air pollution. 20 years later, Beijing won the battle, escaping the most polluted group in the world.

Based on the national action plan, the Beijing city government, which is heavily influenced by pollution, sets out a detailed action plan.

According to the BBC, Beijing focuses on six main directions, including pollution control by motor vehicles, pollution control by fossil fuels such as coal, control of polluting industries, pollution control. smoke, recover polluted ecosystems, and apply new technologies to environmental protection.

For controlling emissions from vehicles, Beijing limits the number of vehicles to only 6 million in 2017. The city supports and establishes green transportation systems and prioritizes system development. public transport system, encouraging people to use public transport.

In order to control the number of vehicles through lottery numbers, the state raises emissions standards for vehicles, requires inspection and maintenance of vehicles that can cause frequent pollution, improving fuel quality, eliminate hundreds of thousands of old vehicles, increase driving costs, put into operation vehicles using clean energy, manage vehicles from other cities to the city.

In order to control coal burning pollution, the government encouraged the development of a project to use gas and clean fuels to replace coal, Beijing has closed coal thermal power plants and banned people in the areas. The surrounding area uses coal to heat, speeding up the elimination of highly polluted and backward industries.

To prevent dust, Beijing implemented to control the dust emitted at construction sites, sealing vehicles generating dust, increasing road sweeping or vacuuming.


According to Chinadialogue, the above action plan has helped China in general and Beijing in particular to significantly improve air quality, the city of Beijing has reached its goal, the average PM2.5 is 58 microgram / m3 – 35% reduction.

With concrete measures and drastic government actions, air pollution has improved significantly, the blue sky has reappeared in Beijing and elsewhere.

In August 2019, the average PM 2.5 fine dust density in Beijing for the first time fell to a record low of 23 micrograms / m3 of air since China conducted its measurement to date.

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