Influential sports in China and the world

When talking about China, people often think of famous martial arts, but now, the sports in this country are diverse, including those imported from abroad many centuries ago.

Now, some of China’s sports have flourished and achieved worldwide.


This is a sport the whole world must admire China. The volleyball team won the Olympic Gold Medals three times in 1984, 2004 and 2016. Volleyball flourished in China in the 1980s.

Table tennis

China has almost no competitors in the world in this sport. China’s men’s table tennis has won more than 60% of the world’s titles since 1959, and since 2005, no country has surpassed China in this sport.

Table tennis also played a major diplomatic role in China in 1972. It was a negotiation between the US-China delegation, which diplomats still call ping-pong diplomacy.

Meanwhile, China’s women’s table tennis team has a much worse record with 70% of the world’s title. For 20 years, the world finals of table tennis have been against China – China.


Shooting officially developed in China since 1984, after athlete Xu Haifeng won the first Olympic Gold Medal for China in this sport, in Los Angeles, USA.

110m hurdles

China’s pride in the 110-meter hurdles sport appeared in 2004, when athlete Liu Xiang won the Olympic Gold Medal. Next, Liu Xiang himself broke the world record set by himself in 2006 with 12.88 seconds. Liu Xiang became an idol in this sport. Liu Xiang’s record was broken in 2008.


Imported from the West, basketball flourished and became a popular sport in China, when giant basketball player Yao Ming appeared. Yao Ming is not only famous in China but also made many achievements in the American NBA professional basketball tournament.

Yao Ming is also China’s tallest basketball star in the 21st century with a height of 2.29 m. In 2006, Yao Ming was dubbed the influential athlete of all time. At present, basketball thrives in China, is considered a physical subject and every school has a basketball court.

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