Live Longer by Following Scientifically Proven Tips

Your genes have only a 10% influence in terms of how you will age or how long you would live according to experts, what does have a huge impact on your life expectancy are the choices you make throughout your life. Right at the start of the twentieth-century lifespan on average was 31 years, today that number is tripled, and it is all thanks to the cumulative effects of live tweaks such as science. The earlier an individual implements a healthy lifestyle, the better quality and longer life they could enjoy. The tips include not only food choices but also an exercise, a positive outlook on life, more sleep, more laughing and just enjoying life to its fullest.

Never Be Mean, Be Nicer

According to studies published in 2012, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers in Yeshiva found that optimism has a huge impact on a longer lifespan. The effect is so much that it could mean the difference in leaving life’s party early or staying until the end.

Yoga Practice It

Yoga is a well-established form of relaxing and exercising wrapped in one. It also is a lifesaver according to studies. Yoga participants have lower blood pressure, less anxiety, they maintain a healthy weight, suffer a lot less from stress and have better breathing, which all equals a longer, healthier life.

Grapefruit You’ll Be Happy About It Later in Life

Amongst 65-year olds and that older one of the causes of serious injuries are broken bones caused by falling. The Centres for Prevention and Disease Control shared that one out of every five falls in elderly people cause injuries that are serious, although most believe strong and happy bones are a result of sipping milk, although the University of Texas recently revealed that the juice of grapefruit hugely slows down humans’ rate in bone loss and improve bone density. To reap the benefits of grapefruit, it can be eater or enjoyed as a fresh juice.

Sleep Naked

Several studies have shown that the ageing process can slow down when you sleep naked, the question is how or why. Researchers found that while we sleep our bodies slightly cools down, this causes the releases of reparative growth hormones. If you are too warm during sleep, you get less of the hormones going, being cooler lowers, the level of cortisol also known as the stress hormone that often causes overeating and diabetes.

Laugh All the Time & Fast One Day a Week

While the studies in 2012 found lifespan can be extended by an optimistic outlook, it was also found that so can laughter and love. Researchers studied 243 centenarians and found that laughter is one of the most important ingredients of a long life. The rejuvenation research journal also published the results found by eating six days and fasting on the seventh day. It showed that after a period of 10 weeks the gene SIRT 3 increased which is vital in longevity-boosting.

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