“My dream has always been to become Man United’s manager”

Solskjaer said that he always wanted to become the manager of Man United ahead of the confrontation with Arsenal on the night of March 10.

Becoming a replacement for Jose Mourinho in the middle of December last year, perhaps at that time not many people believed that Solskjaer could lead Man United to success. However, within three short months, the Norwegian strategist made world media go from one surprise to another.

Winning 14 victories after playing 17 games, bringing Man United to the Top 4 of Premier League despite having been down to 11 points, or recently overcoming PSG in the round of 1/8 Champions League, Solskjaer is making all the fans who are the most fastidious must also shake his head admiringly.


Of course, with what has been shown, the Norwegian rulers are expected to sign an official contract with the Red Devils. Solsa himself admitted, his dream was to become Manchester United’s manager.

Speaking before the war with Arsenal, Solskjaer said: “I think that I always dream about the work I am doing. And I believe I can become a coach rather than a player. Because I have to lose too many years to become a player like me desires”.


When asked about how to lead a team is happier when it comes to the stadium itself, Solskjaer said that he thought everything has two sides of it and so is the job. “Yes and no. Because the best thing in the world is playing football. That’s the best job”.

Solskjaer also recalled that: “Of course I feel proud and honored to be a decision maker. I think I have prepared my whole life to make decisions like this. Because since I was young, I have played football game and build me a team, I also often choose my teammates with Zico, Maradona and Van Basten for my team”.








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