National Wildlife Protection Themed Campaign Launched by the British Embassy

On the 10th of August 2018 is the day on which the British Embassy officially launched the Wildlife Protection Campaign of the United Kingdom government in China. Intended to raise awareness among the public regarding the global effects of (IWT) the Illegal Wildlife Trade, the campaign titled “End Wildlife Crime” include several events across China over several months. The eight scheduled events are a build up to the fourth IWT conference taking place in London, this October.

The launch taking place in Beijing Fang in August was in partnership with the UK Government and the IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare. The “End Wildlife Crime” campaign could not come at a better time. It is already a crucial time when it comes to the affected human activity has on wildlife, forests, oceans and nature.

End Wildlife Crime Campaign Launched as Expanding Cities Deprive Wildlife of Habitats

Wildlife is deprived of their natural habitats by expanding cities, and excessive deforestation and many species are poached for illegal trading. Shockingly in just the last decade elephant numbers have declined by almost a third, and still, every year over 20,000 are slaughtered due to ivory demands globally. The fourth global IWT Conference thanks to the continued commitment of the United Kingdom in protecting wildlife takes place in October to assemble more than forty different countries, which means the world is tackling this important challenge in union.

Beijing Wildlife End Crime Campaign

Initiated by the British Embassy, the wildlife protection campaign in Beijing ceremony was unveiled via several film screenings. An exceptional wild-life themed exhibition of photos and salon sharing session in the promoting of several upcoming events arranged across China. All the events taking place in Chine now is part of the efforts leading up to the upcoming London Conference focussed on preventing Illegal Wildlife trade, which takes place in October. This will see over forty countries including China to discuss, find ways and agree on the best options available to tackle the wildlife crime crises with joint forces.

Prince William and David Beckham Campaigned Against the Purchasing of Rhino Horn and Ivory

When royals and sports icons join forces to help stigmatise the purchasing of Rhino horn and ivory the world pays attention. Prince William feels enough is enough and that it is time to choose between criminals killing endangered species for money or preserving these magnificent animals for our children. With a massive photo of a gorilla and a strong sports themed slogan of Whose Side Are You On, the campaign focussed on highlighting and ending the slaughtering of thousands of animals, yearly.

Finally, the world is paying attention to the slaughtering of tigers, rhinos and elephants that urge in the last decade, driven by crime and the lucrative illicit trade that is estimated to be worth up to 20 billion per year.

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