Rare pictures inside Wuhan virus research institute

It took China 15 years to finish the National Biosafety Laboratory inside Wuhan Institute of Virology. Wuhan Institute of Virology stores and cultures more than 1,500 viruses.

Wuhan Institute of Virology of China specializes in researching the most dangerous viruses and pathogens in the world. To work here, scientists have to wear specialized protective gear, making them look like astronauts.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology also studies the viruses found in bats. This makes it the center of conspiracy theories about the origin of Covid-19 – a virus that has killed nearly 100,000 people worldwide.

Hình ảnh hiếm bên trong viện nghiên cứu virus Vũ Hán - 1

China has repeatedly denied such conspiracy theories and they are not supported by any reliable evidence. In addition, a number of recent studies by scientists in many countries around the world, including those published in the US journal Nature, have demonstrated that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has a source natural origin.

Professor Gerald Keusch at Boston University (USA) also rejected conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and said: “Conspiracy theories never care about the truth. They are only concerned with creating suspicion and anxiety”.

Wuhan Virology Institute is one of the largest virus testing centers in Hubei province, China. The institute is located more than 10 km from the Hoa Nam seafood market, which is said to be the starting point of the outbreak of Covid-19. The Institute building was designed by France.

The National Biosafety Laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology was established after the SARS outbreak in China in 2003, with a total budget of US $42 million.

Wuhan Institute of Virology is also the first facility in China to have level 4 biosecurity – the highest level. It is one of the most advanced virus research institutes under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

According to SCMP, the Wuhan Institute of Virology first received the Covid-19 sample on December 30, 1919, after the outbreak of Covid-19 broke out in Wuhan.

Hình ảnh hiếm bên trong viện nghiên cứu virus Vũ Hán - 2

On August 2, researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology completed the sequencing of the Genvid-19 genome. The gene sequences of Covid-19 were later transferred by the Institute to the World Health Organization (WHO).

While the Covid-19 outbreak was spreading in China in February, Shi Zhengli, director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said the virus was not related to the laboratory. Many international experts also agree with this view.

According to Chinadaily, on February 19, the Lancet medical journal published the statement of the international team of scientists dismissing the rumor that Covid-19 was created by Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The statement was made by 27 scientists from 9 different countries. They expressed deep concern about the impact of conspiracy theories on human health and global interests.

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How COVID-19 patients in China overcome a psychological crisis

With the QR code provided, patients and doctors can log in to an WeChat online chat group, where they can seek expert advice on problems.

Before entering an exhibition center, now transformed into a field hospital in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China, Dr. Cao Wei, carefully entered a QR code into his clothes. his medical protection.

With the QR code provided, patients and doctors can log in to a WeChat online chat group, where they can seek expert advice on problems.

With a gentle smile, Dr. Cao shared that everyone in the field hospital called each other the “mobile QR codes” which caught the attention of patients being treated for isolation.

Dr. Cao from a hospital in Shandong Province, Eastern China, volunteered to assist the Wuhan epidemic in the Central Region, in these days the city struggled to fight COVID-level respiratory infections.

In Wuhan, he was assigned to work at Hanyang field hospital, which is an international convention and exhibition center, specializing in the treatment of minor illnesses.

According to Dr. Cao Wei, patients who are treated in isolation to avoid infecting their family members who are particularly vulnerable and besides physical therapy they need mental treatments.

Besides the QR code and his name on the medical protective suit, Dr. Cao Wei also wrote the words “Hubei people”. He shared the belief that this identification line will help him close the distance with patients.

One of his most memorable memories was the conversation with a female patient who showed psychological stress, always sitting alone and moody in a hospital bed. He approached the female patient by saying that as a Hubei compatriot, he felt some of her sadness.

From quietly gnawing the bad news she received from her family, the female patient started sharing with her compatriot about the pain of losing her mother during the epidemic and now her son’s information has also been confirmed to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In claustrophobic protective gear, at a distance of one meter away from the patient, with all efforts and understanding, for 3 hours, the doctor patiently listened to the patient’s share and and then almost screamed to make sure his words of encouragement could pass through the protective covering and reach the patient’s ears.

The talk left the doctor almost exhausted in the situation that he was not allowed to drink even a little water because he had to make sure to make the most of a protective suit in one shift. After the conversation, the female patient gradually recovered both physically and mentally.

In fact, to minimize the need for discarding protective clothing when medical equipment is scarce, Doctor Cao Wei and many colleagues restricted eating or even wearing diapers to avoid going clean throughout the shift.

Returning to the rest room after work, Dr. Cao Wei continued to chat with the patients on WeChat. It was then that he answered each patient’s questions about the patient’s nucleic acid test results and whether they needed to wear a mask when sleeping.

Hanyang hospital representative said with the establishment of an online chat group, the doctors have more detailed information about the patient’s situation, thereby adjusting the treatment plan and counseling services for each person.

For doctors, sometimes words of sharing work better than drugs, patients will recover faster if doctors have an appropriate mental intervention.

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Nearly 300 million people in China have returned to work

Nearly 300 million Chinese people have returned to work after the Chinese New Year holiday amid companies re-operating and many local governments relaxed travel restrictions that were imposed to stop them from the outbreak of acute respiratory infection COVID-19 spread.

So far 18 regions in mainland China have lowered their emergency response to the COVID-19 epidemic and local authorities have eased travel restrictions in the context of the new number of COVID-19 infections in the country. It fell sharply and is now at its lowest level in a month. Meanwhile, the number of new hospital discharge cases per 1,000 people per day has lasted for 19 consecutive days.

According to data from the Ministry of Transport of China, last week was the third week after the long Lunar New Year holidays, an average of 15.8 million passengers returned to the cities to work after returning to their homeland, bringing the total number of returning passengers to 295 million.

According to the TOMTOM positioning technology index, traffic congestion in most of the country’s major cities has risen to its highest level since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in the country last month.

The public transport system is also busy with passengers. Of the 33 Chinese cities that have metro lines, only three cities still impose travel restrictions on this vehicle, which is Wuhan City, where disease broke out, Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, Jiang, and Urumqu, capital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region in Northwestern China.

According to data from the China Subway Association, an average of 10.2 million passengers use the vehicle each day, up 65.15% from the previous week. In the wake of the companies’ resumption of production, top Chinese officials have called on local governments to create favorable conditions to support them such as extending concessional loans and simplifying them.

According to local Chinese officials, in at least 11 regions in mainland China, the rate of resumption of companies with annual sales of over 200 million yuan ($28.73 million) is over 90%.

Whereas, according to the night-time index given by the China Commercial Bank, based on the level of electric light operation at night in 143 industrial parks across the country, the level of is still under 55% as of February 28, compared with a peak of over 80% at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, Ping An Bank forecasted the capacity to resume operation of its 600 customers including small and micro businesses as of February 24, 59%, up from 30% in the week.

According to a survey of 577 companies in China conducted by the European Union Chamber of Commerce (EU) and the German Chamber of Commerce, half of these companies reported a shortage of employees and were close to A third of these are struggling to meet the requirements set by local authorities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Premier League changes the schedule for the 2022 World Cup

The Premier League has launched a plan to change the schedule of the 2021/20 season to match the 2022 World Cup finals held in Qatar.

The World Cup is the largest soccer tournament on the planet held every four years. World Cups in history all take place in the summer, after the end of the world leagues. However, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will first take place in the winter due to the Arab nation’s summer climate, which is scheduled to open on November 21 and close on December 18.

This certainly caused the leagues in the world, including the Premier League, to be interrupted and affected quite a lot in arranging the schedule. Therefore, the organizers of the highest league in the country have started planning to prepare for the 2021/22 season schedule to match the schedule of the 2022 World Cup.


Officials drafted proposals including matches in the Premier League and the Championship (English Premier League) until November 12, that means just 9 days before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar opened on November 21.

Another suggestion is that Boxing Day matches will return eight days after the 2022 World Cup final (December 18) to minimize disruptions. That means the Winter break that first appeared this season will be canceled in the 2021/22 season and will return in the following season. To allow the extra time needed, the top two leagues in England will start 1 week early and end 1 week later.


In the event that this proposal is adopted, it may affect clubs in the Premier League. The national teams in the 2022 World Cup will want their players to return to the front of the tournament before the Premier League can take place without international stars.

Clubs have been aware of these proposals and are said to have received positive feedback. Plans will be discussed at the shareholder meeting next month. Meanwhile, the European Football Association (UEFA) said the Champions League and Europa League schedule for the 2021/22 season will not be released until 2021.

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Influential sports in China and the world

When talking about China, people often think of famous martial arts, but now, the sports in this country are diverse, including those imported from abroad many centuries ago.

Now, some of China’s sports have flourished and achieved worldwide.


This is a sport the whole world must admire China. The volleyball team won the Olympic Gold Medals three times in 1984, 2004 and 2016. Volleyball flourished in China in the 1980s.

Table tennis

China has almost no competitors in the world in this sport. China’s men’s table tennis has won more than 60% of the world’s titles since 1959, and since 2005, no country has surpassed China in this sport.

Table tennis also played a major diplomatic role in China in 1972. It was a negotiation between the US-China delegation, which diplomats still call ping-pong diplomacy.

Meanwhile, China’s women’s table tennis team has a much worse record with 70% of the world’s title. For 20 years, the world finals of table tennis have been against China – China.


Shooting officially developed in China since 1984, after athlete Xu Haifeng won the first Olympic Gold Medal for China in this sport, in Los Angeles, USA.

110m hurdles

China’s pride in the 110-meter hurdles sport appeared in 2004, when athlete Liu Xiang won the Olympic Gold Medal. Next, Liu Xiang himself broke the world record set by himself in 2006 with 12.88 seconds. Liu Xiang became an idol in this sport. Liu Xiang’s record was broken in 2008.


Imported from the West, basketball flourished and became a popular sport in China, when giant basketball player Yao Ming appeared. Yao Ming is not only famous in China but also made many achievements in the American NBA professional basketball tournament.

Yao Ming is also China’s tallest basketball star in the 21st century with a height of 2.29 m. In 2006, Yao Ming was dubbed the influential athlete of all time. At present, basketball thrives in China, is considered a physical subject and every school has a basketball court.

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China is outraged by US sanctions with Iran

China is calling for the US to immediately stop sanctions on many of its companies, because of their business relationship with Iran.

On November 13, China requested that the United States immediately suspend sanctions against Chinese companies, which currently have business relationships with Iran, amid growing tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Last Friday, the administration of US President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran, after missile attacks on US bases in Iraq.

The latest sanctions that the US has launched are thought to be designed to target Iran’s basic economic sectors (steel production, oil, apparel). Many Chinese companies that are doing business with Iran are also involved.

China’s Foreign Ministry has called U.S sanctions wrongdoing and said China’s trade with Iran is legal and should be respected.

In a speech, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Beijing strongly opposed unilateral sanctions and asked the US to immediately stop punishing Chinese companies with Iran.

China and Iran cooperate on a lawful basis and in compliance with the law, without prejudice to the interests of third parties. Therefore, this relationship should be respected and protected.

China requires the US side to immediately stop wrongdoing when punishing our companies. We will resolutely protect the legal interests of Chinese companies, Geng Shuang said.

China’s furious reaction came after, on January 12, in an interview with Fox News, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that China also had to suffer sanctions like every other country (having business relations with Iran).

We have punished several Chinese shipping companies involved in Iranian oil production. We will continue to implement sanctions against China and any other country in the world doing business with them (Iran), Steve Mnuchin said in an interview.

China has long been the largest trading partner and one of Iran’s largest oil importers. The business relationship between China and Iran has been more closely scrutinized by the United States since Trump announced his withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, in May 2018. US tensions with Iran have been pushed up recently, which has indirectly caused the Chinese economy to suffer joint sanctions with Iran.

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Venezuela follows China, widely using cryptocurrencies

Recently, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that he would use oil and a part of gold for Petro to bring the digital currency to life in a more practical way.

In December, Maduro’s government converted pensions and public sector employees’ wages to Petro instead of cash. The country’s increasing use of cryptocurrencies is believed to help Venezuela solve the domestic economic crisis.

President Maduro announced the launch of the national Petro cryptocurrency in October 2017. Its sales began to take place on February 20, 2018, at a cost equivalent to the price of a barrel of oil, or about $60. This is a new way to help the Caracas government against inflation and currency devaluation.

In November 2019, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) said that Beijing still intends to support the new cryptocurrency to supplement the paper yuan. Transactions in the digital currency will not be fully anonymous and the value of the electronic yuan will be as stable as the paper currency in circulation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also stated that China must lead the world in blockchain technology. The billion-nation nation plans to leverage blockchain to revolutionize all of its core industries and see it as the way forward to give China a competitive edge.

China has important legal considerations as well as political incentives. The ability to track the movement of cryptocurrencies will be helpful in dealing with money laundering and many other illegal acts.

Earlier, in July 2019, Iran also joined a group of countries using cryptocurrencies such as Russia – China – Venezuela and moved to legalize the exploitation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Receiving digital currencies is a legal industry that uses energy to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies could be a way to mitigate the impact of US sanctions, avoiding crippling the economy.


The head of the Iranian government’s Economic Committee, Elyas Hazrati, told Mehr News: “We believe that the cryptocurrency industry should be recognized as an official industry in Iran, allowing the country to take Taking advantage of tax and customs By making electricity cheap, we can supply the necessary power to cryptocurrency mining machines nationwide.

Earned income will be used to purchase foreign exchange. This will eliminate difficulties if faced with sanctions from the US”.

Iran began taking steps to launch its own cryptocurrency last year, concerned about the possibility that the United States is putting pressure on cryptocurrency exchanges, which have been forced to freeze belonging to Iran citizens in the past.

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Chinese football again stood at a crossroads after coach Lippi resigned

China must look for the third coach for the national football team this year after the Football Association of China (CFA) accepted the decision to resign coach Marcello Lippi after the defeat against Syria in Group A qualifying round two past 2022 World Cups.

After a 1-2 defeat in Dubai (UAE) – because Syria had to play in the neutral ground due to domestic instability, the famous Italian coach did not hide his anger when appearing briefly in front of the media in a press conference.

Xinhua quoted Mr. Lippi in a post-match press conference as saying: “My salary is very high and I accept all responsibilities. I will leave the position of coach of the Chinese team. We can beat weaker opponents like the Maldives and Guam, but when we meet stronger teams like the Philippines and Syria, the team does not show its best”. Then Mr. Lippi abruptly left the press conference.


Shortly thereafter, the CFA quickly issued a statement accepting the resignation of the 71-year-old coach who led Italy to the coronation of the 2006 World Cup. AFP quoted the CFA’s statement as saying: “We are really sorry about The bad results have disappointed Chinese football fans. CFA will seriously review, rebuild the team, and try their best in the next World Cup qualifying matches.”

A 2-1 victory helped Syria maintain the top of Group A in the second round of the 2022 World Cup with 12 absolute points after 4 rounds. China ranked second with 7 points and just over the Philippines thanks to the goal difference, making their hope of competing for a ticket to go forward facing a gloomy prospect. This achievement once again made CFA and the players suffer the anger of domestic fans.

Chinese football is going through a turbulent year and Lippi’s resignation is a blow to the government’s ambition to become a football superpower. It is known that Mr. Lippi before his resignation received a salary of up to 180 million yuan (about 25 million USD) per year to lead the Chinese team. With this salary, Mr. Lippi became the highest-paid coach in the world.


In January, the Italian captain left his post after taking the Chinese team to the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup, but had to stop after a dramatic 3-0 defeat to Iran. His countryman and former student Fabio Cannavaro took over this vacant chair. However, Cannavaro led the Chinese team only two matches before declaring that he could not take on both the national team and the Guangzhou Evergrande Club, which competed in the Chinese Super League.

Therefore, coach Lippi decided to return in May, but the second round of his Chinese team only lasted only 6 matches. China currently sits at 69th in the world and only once won a ticket to attend the World Cup finals in 2002.

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Trump asked the World Bank to stop lending money to China

The US president said that the World Bank (WB) should not lend to China because it has a lot of money.

“Why does the World Bank lend money to China? Is this possible? China has a lot of money and if it doesn’t, they will make one. Stop it!”, US President Donald Trump tweeted on December 6.

Trump’s statement came a day after the World Bank approved a plan to support China with $1-1.5 billion in annual low-interest loans through June 2020.

In the House Finance Committee, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said to MPs that the United States had objected to the World Bank’s new five-year framework of lending money to China as well as developing projects in the country. According to Mnuchin, lending to China needs to be limited because income in the country is growing.

The World Bank’s lending to China has decreased from US $ 2.4 billion in 2017 to US $1.3 billion this year. However, Mnuchin said he wanted to see the loan drop further, to less than $1 billion.

The United States is the largest shareholder of the World Bank, but it has no veto over lending to countries. World Bank activity in China has been under severe scrutiny in recent months after speculating that a $50 million loan in 2015 for an educational project was used to fund correctional institutions in Xinjiang. The World Bank in November said it found no evidence, but shrunk the project.

The statement of the President and the US Treasury Department came as Washington and Beijing were trying to reach a one-day trade deal in the next 10 days. Trump threatened to impose an additional tax on US $156 billion of Chinese imports on December 15 if the two sides failed to reach an agreement, a step that would strain and lead the US to tax all imports from China.

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China asks to close the casino in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian countries abandon online casinos under pressure from China.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Cambodia will not issue new licenses for online casinos and existing licenses will not be renewed further upon expiry. The Philippines also promised not to open a new online casino after a fierce statement from the Chinese Embassy in Manila.

It turns out that Southeast Asian online casinos are in great demand by the Chinese. Legally, casinos can only be played on Chinese territory in Macau. Therefore, for many gambling enthusiasts from China, online casinos are the only chance to try their luck. Absolutely no need for any additional technical means. Through personal computers, players can start online gambling sessions and the bet will be automatically debited from their e-wallet or virtual money will come in case of a win.

Economic reform has ensured stable and rapid growth for the Chinese economy, of course, contributing to improving the living standards of the people. But on the other hand, this growth has created the basis for the phenomenon of “casino culture”, based on the fact that everyone can make money quickly through speculative activities. More and more Chinese people see the rich every day in the media and in real life, their extravagant lives, so they want to get rich quick and easy, rather than the result of a long and hard working process. The problem is that only these ordinary citizens fall victim to “financial pyramids” and fraud scams, because they believe that anyone can win without having enough information.

In fact, Chinese Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi recently talked about the issue, as Xinhua cited. According to him, it is necessary to solve the problem of cross-border gambling in online casinos as soon as possible. As the Chinese Embassy in Manila noted in its statement, a sharp increase in demand for online gambling among Chinese people led to an increase in crime and social unrest in China.

Another problem is the use of cryptocurrencies, including electronic wallets in online casinos that allow players to hide their identities. And this, in turn, provides opportunities for illegal money laundering and withdrawing activities to take out the country. The most notorious case was the $81 million “evaporation” theft in Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves, pulled out via an online casino in the Philippines. As stated by the Chinese Embassy in Manila: China is also concerned that hundreds of millions of yuan are withdrawn annually from the country in online casinos. Moreover, this capital flow out of China is illegal. Firstly, because it is ignoring currency control rules. And second, by law, Chinese citizens living on Chinese territory can only gamble in Macau.

But the question is: why are Southeast Asian countries willing to accept Chinese opinions? It seems that online casinos are a good engine for economic growth. In the Philippines alone, there are more than 50 such companies and their income is nearly 200 million dollars. However, the spread of gambling actually harms the real economy and threatens the social well-being of Southeast Asian citizens, Yang Baoyun, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at Peking University, told Sputnik.

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