The British lined up to apply for Danish citizenship before Brexit

Of the more than 18,000 Britons living in Denmark, the number of people transferring citizenship to this Nordic country is increasing significantly – Sputnik reported.

The number of British citizens applying for Danish citizenship has been seeing a surge in the past two years, following the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Since 2017, the number of Britons who transferred their citizenship to Denmark under its nationality law has increased from 134 to 489, according to the Danish Ministry of Immigration Statistics.

“There has been a significant upward trend among British citizens applying for Danish citizenship. I believe the reason for this is Brexit”, said Minister of Immigration and Integration Mattias Tesfaye.

While affirming his pleasure in welcoming those who want to become Danish citizens, Mr. Tesfaye also emphasized that the country has laws ready for the possibility of an uncompleted Brexit. out.

“Through this, approximately 18,500 British citizens living in Denmark will be able to continue their lives here, regardless of whether they apply for Danish citizenship or not”, he said.

After British Parliament failed to approve Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit agreement, the European Union agreed to extend Britain’s withdrawal from the October 31 deadline to January 31, 2020.


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said he would not run for the general election in December, but instead would promote a nationwide campaign against the agreement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, bringing Britain out of the European Union (EU), also known as Brexit.

Brexit party leader declares that Prime Minister Johnson must either abandon the Brexit deal reached with the EU and agree to join a leaving coalition in early elections in December, or face an election. Very fierce competition in parliament. According to him, a coalition could signal the possibility that the pro-Brexit parties will prevail in the early election. He emphasized that the only way to implement Brexit was to form an “Exit” coalition and ensure that it won overwhelmingly in the upcoming election.

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How does Beijing escape from the world’s most polluted air group?

In 1998, Beijing declared war on air pollution. 20 years later, Beijing won the battle, escaping the most polluted group in the world.

Based on the national action plan, the Beijing city government, which is heavily influenced by pollution, sets out a detailed action plan.

According to the BBC, Beijing focuses on six main directions, including pollution control by motor vehicles, pollution control by fossil fuels such as coal, control of polluting industries, pollution control. smoke, recover polluted ecosystems, and apply new technologies to environmental protection.

For controlling emissions from vehicles, Beijing limits the number of vehicles to only 6 million in 2017. The city supports and establishes green transportation systems and prioritizes system development. public transport system, encouraging people to use public transport.

In order to control the number of vehicles through lottery numbers, the state raises emissions standards for vehicles, requires inspection and maintenance of vehicles that can cause frequent pollution, improving fuel quality, eliminate hundreds of thousands of old vehicles, increase driving costs, put into operation vehicles using clean energy, manage vehicles from other cities to the city.

In order to control coal burning pollution, the government encouraged the development of a project to use gas and clean fuels to replace coal, Beijing has closed coal thermal power plants and banned people in the areas. The surrounding area uses coal to heat, speeding up the elimination of highly polluted and backward industries.

To prevent dust, Beijing implemented to control the dust emitted at construction sites, sealing vehicles generating dust, increasing road sweeping or vacuuming.


According to Chinadialogue, the above action plan has helped China in general and Beijing in particular to significantly improve air quality, the city of Beijing has reached its goal, the average PM2.5 is 58 microgram / m3 – 35% reduction.

With concrete measures and drastic government actions, air pollution has improved significantly, the blue sky has reappeared in Beijing and elsewhere.

In August 2019, the average PM 2.5 fine dust density in Beijing for the first time fell to a record low of 23 micrograms / m3 of air since China conducted its measurement to date.

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China wants to join the Arms Trade Treaty

China’s Foreign Ministry released a statement saying it had launched domestic legal procedures to join the Arms Trade Treaty.

The United Nations’ International Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which came into effect on December 24, is considered to open a new chapter in efforts to control the global arms trade market.

“The signing of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) continues to be evidence of Beijing’s commitment to the protection of multilateralism”, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the UN General Assembly in New York September 27. The Chinese Foreign Ministry later said it was trying to join the treaty as soon as possible.


ATT was launched to adjust the flow of weapons into conflict areas. It requires Member States to maintain records of international arms transfers and prohibits cross-border shipments that can be used in human rights violations or civilian attacks.

130 countries have signed the treaty but only 104 have ratified and acceded, including powers such as France, Germany and Britain; There are no major arms sellers in the world, such as the United States, China and Russia. The Obama administration signed the treaty, but it was opposed by the National Rifle Association of America and other conservative groups and was not approved by the US Senate.


President Trump said in April that he intended to withdraw the United States from the treaty. The White House assesses the ATT binding responsible countries while tolerating irresponsible arms dealers.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sept. 27 that any unilateral move to leave the treaty “would have a negative impact on many regions”, but did not directly mention the US.

Although China is one of the five largest arms suppliers in the world, its sales are dominated by the US, accounting for only 5.2% of the arms traded globally in 2014 – 2018, compared to 36% of the US. Chinese customers mainly come from Asia and Oceania.

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What do Chinese businesses benefit if the US company leaves?

Withdrawal of operations at Trump’s request, US businesses consider giving large-scale global growth opportunities to Chinese companies.

Last weekend, on his personal page, Mr. Trump asked American businesses to immediately look for alternatives to China and demand to bring the company home, made in the United States.

More importantly, the expert said that: “Such a move would create an unprecedented rift in trade and economic relations between the world’s two largest economies”. This uncertainty is detrimental to businesses of both countries. Mr. Jake Parke warned that leaving China is missing a large-scale global growth opportunity.


“The only way to solve the challenges that US companies face when operating in China is that the two sides continue to negotiate, reach an agreement to abolish tariffs, put a relationship on a stable trajectory, predictable and constructive”, he said.

According to analysts, another consequence of trade tension may be that Chinese companies will gain greater market share. Data are showing that they are switching to buying agricultural products from other countries, especially Latin America. While investors are concerned about the effects of escalating trade tension with US corporations, Chinese businesses are beginning to look for many other business opportunities.

“In the short term, rising US tariffs will have a negative impact on the profits of Chinese businesses. In the long term, if trade tension continues to affect the structure of the global industrial chain. This forces local firms to change their production and transformation practices, upgrade operations”, said Wang Zhe, an economist at Caixin Insight.


Mr. Trump focused on tariffs as the main tool in trade disputes, but it did not produce a clear effect on making China change attitudes. Meanwhile, the analysis from Chris Rogers, a researcher at Panjiva, of the S&P Global Market Intelligence, said that prices of some goods such as chemicals and Chinese furniture imported into the US are declining.

Mr. Wei Jianguo – former Vice Minister of China Ministry of Commerce, who is currently the vice president and deputy director of the Center for International Economic Exchange in Beijing, said that the country’s companies are suffering from tax costs but not much. Most of them are waiting for a solution from the negotiating results.

The same goes for American businesses, Mr. Parker said, some are shifting to other suppliers while others maintain supply chains and try to cut profits or shift costs to consumers as much as possible.


The two largest economies in the world have plunged into the escalating trade conflict over the past year. The dispute initially focused on a large US trade deficit with China. Subsequently, disagreements extended to many other issues, including China’s broad market access opportunities, which the US considered unfair or as technology transfer.

The latest retaliation tax marks a reversal with what US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed in late June, that the two countries will not levy more taxes on each other’s goods.

“Chinese leaders may not make a definitive decision to rule out a trade deal with Trump until after the US election. However, they are increasingly skeptical about the possibility of Trump. can be a negotiating partner and not willing to make significant concessions to appease him”, commented Michael Hirson – Eurasia Group expert.

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Opening a military base in Southeast Asia, Britain can tighten China

Democracy The UK plans to open a new military base in Southeast Asia is expected to broadcast hard signals to China and could put a strain on the cool-cold relationship between London and Beijing.

The plan to build a new military base in Southeast Asia was revealed by Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph last week. Two locations that could be chosen by the UK to locate military bases are Singapore and Brunei.

Secretary Williamson said Britain will open two new military bases in the next few years, including a base in the Caribbean. The head of the British Ministry of Defense said the plan would help Britain regain the status of a true global factor after Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).

“This is our most important moment as a nation since the end of the Second World War. This is the time when we can reshape ourselves in a completely different way. We can really play a role in the international arena as the world still expects us”, Williamson stressed.


The opening of the new military base also marked a shift in British policy since it withdrew its military bases in Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf in the 1960s.

Ni Lexiong, a naval expert at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, said that the plan to open a military base continues to be further evidence that Britain and its key US allies are increasingly attached. more closely with President Donald Trump’s tough approach to China.

“This is a complementary step to the US-Pacific strategy of the US and Washington will be satisfied with this,” Ni said, referring to President Trump’s strategy to promote security commitments security and the US economy with the region.


China has long viewed American increasing military moves in the South China Sea as a threat to regional stability and expressed concern over the India-Pacific strategy. Beijing sees it as part of Washington’s wider effort to curb China’s ambition to become a global superpower.

Xu Liping, a professor at the Institute of Asian and Pacific Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes the United States is behind a plan to open a British military base in Southeast Asia in the context of growing Washington mind to maintain global leadership due to President Trump’s policy America is first.

“You especially increase your activity in the South China Sea at the time when the United States is concerned about direct confrontation with China in the region. This is clearly a move to show power to China and to show the increasingly stricter involvement of outside powers in the South China Sea dispute”, Xu said.

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Arsenal: Better attack with Ceballos and Pepe?

Dani Ceballos made his Arsenal debut, while Nicolas Pepe will arrive at Emirates Stadium after completing a medical examination. How improved is Arsenal’s power when this duo is present?

It is easy to recognize two of the drawbacks of the Emirates Stadium last season: the ability to exit pressing from the middle line to maintain the seamlessness in the gameplay, as well as the ball-making moves from the wing corridors.

Lack of people who do the above tasks well, it is easy to understand why Arsenal cannot deploy the football right away from the opponent’s field. Many times the Gunners’ defensive players have to choose a safe solution to pass to goalkeeper Bernd Leno, instead of boldly putting the ball into the opponent’s field early to defeat the organized defenses.


Coach Unai Emery, Sports Director Raul Sanllehi and Edu Technical Director quickly recognized these problems and sought to complement by quality recruits. For central midfield position, Arsenal successfully borrowed Ceballos from Real Madrid. He moved to Emirates Stadium after giving his strength to help the Spanish Under-21 team to win the European U21 Championship. Ceballos has many similarities with Santi Cazorla, a countryman and has played for many years for Arsenal. The strength of this 22-year-old midfielder is the ability to handle the ball well, possesses great ball passes, as well as thinking ready to put the ball forward to break the opponent’s defense, instead of just pure selection. Choose a safe solution to push the ball to the nearest teammate.

This is the complete opposite of Granit Xhaka. The Swiss midfielder was slow, heavy, using his left foot with an excessive frequency, as well as a weak ability to play, making his play easy to capture. Both Cazorla and Ceballos have one thing in common: it doesn’t take too much time to handle the ball. On the contrary, Xhaka often slowed down the pace of the game because it needed time to handle the ball, making the opponent have enough time to approach or read his ball pass.


Find mutations from wings with Pepe

Of course, Arsenal not only needs a Ceballos to perfect the middle. They need more attack options, especially at the border. Pepe was targeted by Emirates Stadium after they failed to recruit Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace. The Ivory Coast player just went well (averaging 2.7 times per game in the previous season), had a rather high goal contribution, when he was one of the two players in the top five leagues. Europe contributes more than 20 goals and 10 assists. Speed ​​and ability to break through enemy crafts is another strength of Pepe. His ball passes have clear intentions, plus a good technical background.

Before recruiting Pepe, Arsenal had a lot of difficulties in situations where the ball was deployed on both sides because wingers like Alex Iwobi were disappointed, while other options such as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Oezil were good. Aaron Ramsey is just a temporary solution. Occasionally Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang also flocked to the wings, but this inadvertently limits the instinct to hunt the table of a Gabon striker.


In the previous seasons, Arsenal frequently owned mutant winger like Theo Walcott or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, at a time when they had not been injured so badly that they had a negative impact on his career. Specialties gradually disappeared in the last years of Arsene Wenger dynasty. Emery realized that, but had to wait until this summer’s transfer window, Arsenal added a quality signature to raise the attack from the wings. Two rookies Ceballos and Pepe will definitely bring another image to Arsenal this season, instead of a previous season’s lack of vitality and lack of vitality.

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Djokovic won Wimbledon: Swear to beat Federer into the greatest in history

After crowned Wimbledon 2019, Novak Djokovic made a statement full of confidence when he wanted to soon defeat the general Roger Federer and many seniors to become the best player of all time.

Wimbledon men’s singles finals record in length (4 hours 57 minutes) has just closed when Novak Djokovic overtook Roger Federer 7-6 (7-5), 1-6, 7-6 (7-4), 4 -6, 13-12 (7-3) to help Nole crowned this tournament for the second year in a row and for the 5th time in his career.

The No. 1 ranked player in the world has also officially had Grand Slam to play the 16th single in his career, significantly narrowing the gap on the number of the highest honors in the village with Rafael Nadal (18 Grand Slam) and Federer (20 Grand Slam).

Djokovic has also officially gone into history to become the 5th player after Ken Rosewall, Rod Laver, Federer and Nadal won four Grand Slam titles when they were over 30 years old. With five proclamations of King Wimbledon, Nole has balanced his achievements with Swedish senior Bjorn Borg and is currently only 8 times worse than Federer (8 times) and Pete Sampras (7 times) on the gold trophy won at the All England Club.


Speaking after rescuing 2 spectacular championships to beat Federer after nearly 5 hours of competition, Djokovic said: “ think this is one of the most interesting and exciting finals I’ve ever been part of. Definitely among the best 2 or 3 games of my career against one of the greatest players of all time”.

Djokovic also did not forget to express his regret for defeating General Federer – who lost to him in all three Wimbledon finals in 2014, 2015 and 2019. “Unfortunately in these types of matches, one of the players It will be unbelievable that both of us have a chance to win. It is extraordinary to have to face two championship points and come back in. It’s strange that you play a series of tie-breakers when the set ratio is 12 all.

Djokovic also confirmed that Federer at the age of 37 has inspired himself to play so supple and explode. In an interview with reporter Tom Rinaldi on ESPN after the match, the player who is currently at the top of the ATP rankings has not been shy about affirming his huge ambition.

“If I continue to have the same support now, I will continue to strive to become the best player in the world and fight for Grand Slam titles. At this stage of my career, that inspire me, motivate me to strive. Obviously, the position of the No. 1 player in history is not far away and it only depends on my health, how good my dedication or I play a few years. And we all hope the best”.


Meanwhile, Federer has not forgotten the holding gold back to gold in the last set of 5 Wimbledon finals with Djokovic when sharing: “It was a great game. It was very long and had everything. I have released everything I have and I still stand. I wish the same for all 37-year-olds”.

Speaking of the 2 championship points that were missed when leading 40-15 in the 16th game of the last five finals, Federer bitterly admitted: “I don’t know if losing after 3 sets is it better than this? You may feel more frustrated than sad or angry, I don’t know how I feel right now, I just feel it’s a great opportunity to win. get that”.

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Reveal email Ed Woodward declared MU recruit talents again

MU bought Daniel James and Wan Bissaka but Executive Vice President Ed Woodward says in an internal email that Red Devil leaders are seeking to recruit the other quality players.

“Although the price of players on the market being hyped rumors repeatedly appeared may render us astray, the group recruited by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with Manchester United are calm to coordinate search the other quality player fit the long term vision of the club”, Ed Woodward said.

Other than the season through this Summer, Manchester United was re-purposing its procurement policy, focusing on the young British player potential instead of eyeing the foreign players. The appearance of Daniel James and Wan Bissaka key is testament to the new direction of Ole.


With the message that Ed Woodward has just broadcast, can make sure Manchester United will continue shopping from now until the industrial market closes in England. Clearly, the season past failed shows this team needs reform, additional personnel in multiple locations not only reinforced 1-2.

But people then will also have riders. MU will also seek to push away the player is said to be inconsistent with the new direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Bristish newspaper told that the 19 years old Taiwan defender – Portuguese Diogo Dalot received a message from the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he could be come out this Summer.


Dalot was signed from Porto by Jose Mourinho for a price of 18 million pounds, but he has not proved anything. Last season, he only made 18 appearances but mainly in the role of attack more in the right wing due to the horizontal stretch quite likely Dalot.

The arrival of Wan Bissaka means Ole did not trust Dalot and if remaining at Old Trafford, surely the chance he will be very limited. OLE does not intend to continue using Dalot because he chose the main rocks in Bissaka Wan defenders must also if need to then he had Ashley Young.

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High loss for China in “Technology War” with the US

Too many major barriers that China could not build technology companies that compete with US competitors.

In the midst of a fierce trade war, the United States and China seem to be falling into a “Cold War of technology” to rival the dominant role of future technologies. Government of the US President Donald Trump launched a series of measures to prevent American technological knowledge from falling into Chinese hands to gain advantage in this new war.

Analysts say that in order to win the war, China needs to become a creative power with national corporations ready to challenge Intel, Apple or Google to dominate the heights of power in the technology world. But to grow to become such a threat, Chinese technology corporations need to overcome huge barriers.


Very few companies in the world, especially from emerging markets, have demonstrated the ability to rapidly break into large alliances in the global technology field. Even South Korea’s Samsung Group must go through a long and arduous journey to climb the high rungs of creativity.

The worry in Washington today is that China is turning its tide around by providing massive subsidies to domestic industries, from electric cars to semiconductors to gain as much advantage as possible. But these policies are easier to undermine than to strengthen China’s technological ambitions, experts say.

Modern economic history shows that the method of injecting government money into favored industries is often unable to create innovative companies. The success rate is even lower than in China because most of the subsidies are poured into bulky state corporations, burdened with bureaucratic styles.


Generous subsidies will lead to excess productivity in large corporations, which can make companies more competitive. So far, China has not achieved uniform results from subsidy programs for businesses. It has spent tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to the electric vehicle industry, eventually creating a series of inexperienced startups and poor-quality cars.

When the “Cold War of technology” broke out, American technology conglomerates would certainly not sit still and wait for Chinese companies to move ahead to destroy them. As China races to catch up with the US, US companies and their competitors, which have a strong foothold globally, will also continue to rise.


Although China established the International Semiconductor Components Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC) nearly two decades ago, China’s chip industry is still sluggish and lagging behind 5-6 years compared to its counterparts. Thu, according to Linley Gwennap, chairman of Linley Group, a group that specializes in the chip industry. He said that during SMIC’s efforts to fill that gap, they would realize that the opponent had jumped a step ahead.

Although Chinese companies can succeed in developing competitive technologies equally with the world’s leading technology firms, they will not be able to automatically become full-scale competitors. China will have to convince other companies and consumers to dismiss suppliers and brands they have long believed. In some cases, to do that, Chinese companies will take decades.


Two US semiconductor companies, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, still dominate the field of microprocessors for computers and servers because the computer industry is developing based on software platforms around the two chips. This fact makes it difficult for newcomers to make a breakthrough.

Recently, Huawei said it is ready to use the self-developed operating system to replace Android of Google and Windows of Microsoft. But Huawei also made it clear that the company will only move on if Washington maintains its ban, preventing US companies from selling components and technology to them. Leaders in Huawei are smart enough to understand that switching to a self-developed operating system will cut their smartphones from the mainstream software ecosystem in the world and that will limit users from reaching those Popular services like Google Search, Google Maps or YouTube …

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Can China open a military base in Southeast Asia?

In order to maintain strength in the era of power competition, China’s military base in Southeast Asia is inevitable, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

The great power competition in the Asia-Pacific region has shifted its focus from military firepower to infrastructure and investment, fueled by China’s Belt and Road initiative and strategy. Free, open Indian-Pacific Ocean led by the US and Japan. However, traditional security concerns are still more important than ever, in some cases determining the deployment of projects and military operations.


According to statistics from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI, based in Switzerland), the US remains the world’s leading military power – spending $648.8 billion in 2018 for defense budgets, compared with $250 billion of China. However, Beijing is making efforts to turn the Chinese military (PLA) from a large but inefficient and poorly equipped force into a modern military force.

China is testing the first locally built aircraft carrier, and another is being developed. Beijing has made great strides in the areas of emerging war weapons – including artificial intelligence (AI) and network security.

This Asian power has caused an international outcry over the construction of illegal military facilities on small islands and coral reefs in the South China Sea. But according to the Nikkei Asian Review, there is another controversial aspect of China’s global expansion that, sooner or later, Beijing will need overseas military facilities, in addition to the only existing base in Djibouti – the country in the Horn of Africa.


Indeed, a number of projects under the China Road-Belt initiative, from Myanmar and Cambodia to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, have caused speculation about China’s military use potential.

The US has warned that any move by China to establish a military base in Southeast Asia will threaten regional stability, however, some Asian officials say the prospect is not. inevitable.

“It is only a matter of time. China may eventually have a military base in Cambodia, but I’m not too excited about it. The US has increased its use of significant facilities in Singapore, is beginning to reuse some of its old bases in the Philippines, Thailand, and occasionally uses Malaysian facilities. I think the US will eventually use Indonesian facilities in some way”, said Bilahari Kausikan, President of the Middle East Institute in Singapore – the former permanent secretary of the Foreign Ministry.


Southeast Asia has witnessed a strong explosion in defense spending, with at least 5 out of 10 ASEAN countries having bought or are in the process of buying submarines, steadily upgrading their overall combat capabilities. After a sharp increase since 2004, Southeast Asian military spending stalled in 2017, with a 0.6% decline in the region between 2017 and 2018, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). based in the UK.

At the commercial level, China’s arms sales in Asia, as well as Russia, are seen as another threat to US interests, even though they are only about 11% of total revenue. America in 2018. US companies earned $ 9.4 billion in direct trade revenue from the sale of defense goods and services in the Indian-Pacific region by 2018, according to data. Official US data. Like Russia, China is also willing to penetrate sensitive markets out of bounds for Western producers.

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