Chinese missiles place the US aircraft carrier in a hardship

Chinese troops are outperforming the United States in a missile race, especially anti-ship missiles and US generals are working out counter measures before carriers become obsolete.

“We know China has the most advanced ballistic missile force in the world”, said James Fanell, a former US Navy admiral and former US Pacific Fleet intelligence officer, on Reuters. “They have superior capabilities compared to the defensive systems we currently have”.

Robert Haddick, a former Marine Corps officer, who is an adviser to the US Special Operations Command, said: “Chinese anti-ship missiles are completely superior to American missiles, including the range. Shoot, speed and sensor system “. That was the result of strong advances in the Chinese military, since Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered the establishment of the Strategic Missile Force (PLARF) in 2015.

China has so far never published a missile strength, but observers estimate the PLARF has 100,000 people, 200 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 300 mid-range ballistic missiles. It is also said to possess 1,150 short-range ballistic missiles and 3,000 cruise missiles. Chinese long-range anti-ship missiles YJ-12 or YJ-18 have absolutely no opponents. America does not have weapons of equal power.

Chuyên gia: Tên lửa TQ đặt tàu sân bay Mỹ vào thế “ngàn cân treo sợi tóc” - 1

American RGM-UGH-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles only have a range of 240km, much more limited than Chinese missiles. American weapon manufacturer Raytheon is trying to build a version of Tomahawk cruise missile aiming to shoot warships, but the missile is still not ready”. It’s a big distance, Haddick emphasized. Supersonic technology is a future arms race between Russia, the United States and China, but Beijing has proved to be superior to weapons that are five times the speed of sound.

“10-15 years ago, we took the lead in military technology, but now are lagging”, Michael Griffin, senior Pentagon official warned of the US Congress in April. America tried supersonic cruise missiles in 2017 but neither Lockheed Martin and Raytheon created reliable weapons. “We are at a disadvantage because of the Chinese ballistic missile storage base and US ships in the Western Pacific“, admits Harry Harris, a former commander of the US Pacific Command.

Chuyên gia: Tên lửa TQ đặt tàu sân bay Mỹ vào thế “ngàn cân treo sợi tóc” - 2

A former Chinese army colonel once said: “We cannot defeat the US at sea. But we have carrier-specific missiles to stop them coming closer if the conflict breaks out”. At the Zhuhai Air Show in November 2017, China announced a new model of supersonic anti-ship missile named CM-401, a range of 290km.







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IMF and WB warned of Chinese loans to poor countries

Multiply the spring session of the two institutions, in Washington, yesterday, April 11, 2019, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) warned: China is increasingly let poor countries borrow more and more.

Therefore, the lending should be done in a transparent manner, and do not push the debt into a situation where debt is piling up and cannot be paid.

Speaking at a news conference, the new American chairman of the World Bank David Malpass reiterated that loans contributed to developing economies, but he warned immediately: “If lending is not carried out If transparency does not yield convincing results (in terms of a nation’s development), debt can be a significant burden for the economy”.


According to the French news agency AFP, in general, the two leading financial institutions of the world have called on Beijing to be more transparent about the size of the credits, as well as the conditions for lending.

Chinese funding is mainly used for infrastructure construction, resource exploitation such as coal, in industries such as telecommunications and transportation. In poor countries, such lending programs are in theory to boost exports to increase income.

But, according to AFP, the more Chinese loans are, the greater the criticism, especially on the way Beijing lends. China, for example, has been criticized for encouraging African countries to borrow, while the smallest countries on the continent have recently reduced their debt burden.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho IMF và WB cảnh báo về các khoản vay của Trung Quốc cho các nước nghèo

The President of the World Bank warned that; “There are up to 17 African countries in a state of high debt risk, and the number of countries in this area is increasing with new loan contracts not being more and more transparent”. A clear example of the lack of transparency is the case of Mozambique Africa, for example, that is caught in the reputation of over $2 billion of Chinese debt that its people are unaware of.

For its part, the European Union is also concerned about China pumping credit, with low interest rates, into Europe, for example in the Balkan region. In Montenegro, for example, public debt soared to 70% of GDP, after it borrowed more than 800 million euros from a Chinese bank to build a mountain highway. China currently lends money to many developing countries, in an effort to shape their “Belt, Road” plan, specifically targeting resource-rich nations.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho IMF và WB cảnh báo về các khoản vay của Trung Quốc cho các nước nghèo

At the press conference in Washington, the International Monetary Fund director, Christine Lagarde, said that the high debt level and the number of lenders who did not follow international rules would also complicate the issue. debt of a country.

Lagarde confirms: “Both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are working together to create more transparency and to identify existing debts, from debt value, debt conditions, to to the repayment term”.

A report released this week by the IMF warned that the growing global debt, including governments and companies, is threatening the global economy.







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China spent more than $40 billion on mobile applications in 2018

According to the report entitled “The State of Mobile 2019” by App Annie, China accounts for nearly half of the total of 194 billion applications downloaded in 2018.

According to App Annie, a mobile data research firm, smartphone growth is slowing globally, but users last year spent an average of three hours a day – or a month and a half in the year – on electricity. Mobile phones and have downloaded a total of about 194 billion applications.

Notably, according to the report entitled “The State of Mobile 2019”, China accounts for nearly half of all applications downloaded in 2018. b This is somewhat contrary to the slowing growth trend of China’s smart phone market as well as a temporary freeze status in approving new titles in the world’s most populous country.

As one of the largest smart phone markets in the world, China also accounts for nearly 40% of the amount of up to $101 billion that global consumers have spent on applications through paid downloads, Purchase service content in the application and subscribe in the application last year. Most transactions are done in mobile games.

“The Chinese smartphone market is quite peculiar because its development varies from city to city”, Jaede Tan, a regional manager for App Annie, told CNBC news agency. He explained that the highly developed smart phone market like Shanghai and Beijing – users download fewer apps but they tend to spend more time on them and buy more content in the app.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc chi hơn 40 tỷ USD cho ứng dụng di động trong 2018

Meanwhile in cities, lower cities, where many people have never even had smartphones. And in the first use of smartphones, they will combine two factors: downloading new applications and discovering increased content and services within the app. That is why China is a growth engine of such a global application market.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc chi hơn 40 tỷ USD cho ứng dụng di động trong 2018

Of the top 300 technology companies around the world, Chinese companies have won 32% of consumer spending, generating revenues of about $ 19.6 billion. Meanwhile, the top US companies account for about 22%.






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“My dream has always been to become Man United’s manager”

Solskjaer said that he always wanted to become the manager of Man United ahead of the confrontation with Arsenal on the night of March 10.

Becoming a replacement for Jose Mourinho in the middle of December last year, perhaps at that time not many people believed that Solskjaer could lead Man United to success. However, within three short months, the Norwegian strategist made world media go from one surprise to another.

Winning 14 victories after playing 17 games, bringing Man United to the Top 4 of Premier League despite having been down to 11 points, or recently overcoming PSG in the round of 1/8 Champions League, Solskjaer is making all the fans who are the most fastidious must also shake his head admiringly.


Of course, with what has been shown, the Norwegian rulers are expected to sign an official contract with the Red Devils. Solsa himself admitted, his dream was to become Manchester United’s manager.

Speaking before the war with Arsenal, Solskjaer said: “I think that I always dream about the work I am doing. And I believe I can become a coach rather than a player. Because I have to lose too many years to become a player like me desires”.


When asked about how to lead a team is happier when it comes to the stadium itself, Solskjaer said that he thought everything has two sides of it and so is the job. “Yes and no. Because the best thing in the world is playing football. That’s the best job”.

Solskjaer also recalled that: “Of course I feel proud and honored to be a decision maker. I think I have prepared my whole life to make decisions like this. Because since I was young, I have played football game and build me a team, I also often choose my teammates with Zico, Maradona and Van Basten for my team”.








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Challenging China’s illegal claim, Britain will command the largest carrier to the South Sea

The new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will be deployed by the British Navy to the South  Sea in the near future to challenge China’s illegal claims here.

According to The Times, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson will announce on February 11 that the country is ready to use hard power to protect the country’s interests.

It is expected that Mr. Williamson also issued a warning with the content that Russia and China are the two countries that are blurring the line between peace and war, claiming that he must stand up to “against those who despise international law”- a principle that can make us to intervene.

Thách thức tuyên bố bất hợp pháp của TQ, Anh sẽ điều tàu sân bay lớn nhất tới Biển Đông - Ảnh 1.

The head of the UK Ministry of Defense will also announce a detailed plan for the global voyage of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, along with two F-35 multitasking stealth fighter squadrons.

As Britain’s largest warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth will be deployed by London to the Middle East, Mediterranean and Pacific – the area where the Royal Navy has tried to avoid a clash with China last year.

In the summer of 2018, Beijing accused London of provocative action after the Royal Navy warship HMS Albion moved near the Paracel Islands. At that time, China responded by setting up a frigate with two helicopters to stop the HMS Albion but was unable to fulfill this intention and the British warship continued to sail as planned.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Thách thức tuyên bố bất hợp pháp của TQ, Anh sẽ điều tàu sân bay lớn nhất tới Biển Đông

The South Sea is the busiest commercial transport route in the world. In 2017, Boris Johnson, then Secretary of State, issued a message saying that the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth would be used for “free navigation” campaigns at sea.

Defense Minister Gavin Williamson has also hinted that Britain plans to expand its international presence in the Asia-Pacific and Caribbean regions.

“We must be prepared to show our determination: The aggression will cost dearly”, Williamson said firmly in a speech at the British Royal Defense and Security Research Institute (RUSI) in Westminster.








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China is ready for high-tech Cold War with the US

The US government announced on February 11 plans to strengthen the priority of developing artificial intelligence (AI), a move that Chinese observers warned could set the stage for a new Cold War.

On February 11, President Trump signed an executive ordinance demanding maximum resources of the federal government for the purpose of creative promotion in the field of AI in the context of many concerns that China will overcome America in the race of artificial intelligence technology.

This ordinance was issued two years after China enacted a plan that addresses the development of AI as a national strategy and aims to make Beijing the world’s leading technology power. and applying AI before 2030.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc sẵn sàng cho 'Chiến tranh Lạnh' công nghệ cao với Mỹ

Li Yi, a researcher from the Internet Research Center affiliated with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said President Trump’s new decree launched a new US attack in the high-tech sector in an effort to The force to prevent the growth of their main rival in this area is China.

According to Mr. Li, Chinese businesses will face a lot of pressure and a less friendly environment when operating in the US market but these changes will only make them stronger and more resilient. Mr. Li and some other analysts also said the new decree would bring more risks to US investors and businessmen to cooperate with Chinese partners.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Mr. Li warned that the global AI industry would be divided into two camps if the United States promoted competition with China and in the worst scenario, Washington would force its allies to choose factions to form a intelligent ideology.

China and the United States are currently the two leading countries in developing AI although other countries such as Russia or Japan are also showing ambition for this segment.

The development of AI in the next decade is expected to bring about $15.7 billion to global GDP, of which China is expected to contribute $7 billion and North America will contribute  $3.7 billion, according to PwC.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc sẵn sàng cho 'Chiến tranh Lạnh' công nghệ cao với Mỹ

China with a large population advantage has an advantage in developing a large market and provides a rich source of data for AI applications while the US has the advantage of equipment and technology. However, the Chinese government is investing heavily in AI, causing the Trump government to face pressure from concerns that Beijing may surpass them in this area.

Some American scholars and newspapers fear that the United States is losing the battle of AI awareness to China. An opinion posted on Fox News in November said US leaders were almost uninterested in the issue and had no strategy to protect a “historical loss”. The candidates for the US presidential election 2020 also did not mention AI, the AI ​​war and how the US could hire in this war, said American scholar Steve Andriole.











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5 Stars Cannot Compete In China Because Of A Law Prohibiting Tattoos

With the prohibition of players showing off tattoos, Chinese football will discourage many stars capable of landing like Neymar, Dani Alves or Arturo Vidal.

The new tattoo of Jose Mourinho Ramos shows off new tattoos that imply “storm” 40 Becks tattoos all mean. The Chinese Football Federation has just decided to force all players in the Chinese league and the youth football system to cover tattoos when practicing and competing to clean up the image of the sport. this. Previously this law only applies to Chinese players but now foreign stars must follow the above rules.

This law will make it difficult for many famous “mercenaries” like Elkeson or Axel Witsel and will also hinder many of the world’s top superstars of football from coming to China. Here are 5 names that are hard to compete in China with dense tattoo on the body:

1. Neymar

– Nationality: Brazil

– Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar is still known as the “addicted” player who is leading the football world. Former Barcelona star also has many impressive tattoos such as “Life is a farce”.

5 ngôi sao không thể thi đấu ở Trung Quốc vì luật cấm hình xăm - Ảnh 1.

2. Arturo Vidal

– Nationality: Chile

– Club: Bayern Munich

The Chilean midfielder could hardly hide the tattoo because of the artistic motifs filling his body, from his neck to his hands. He also engraved on his number of familiar 23 shirts of the same name.

5 ngôi sao không thể thi đấu ở Trung Quốc vì luật cấm hình xăm - Ảnh 2.

3. Mauro Icardi

– Nationality: Argentina

– Club: Inter Milan

The tattoo also covered the hands of Mauro Icardi, making it difficult for him to play in China. One of the biggest tattoos is the lion figure in the chest of the Argentine striker.

5 ngôi sao không thể thi đấu ở Trung Quốc vì luật cấm hình xăm - Ảnh 3.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

– Nationality: Swedish

– Club: LA Galaxy

Former Manchester United player “infamous” for beautiful tattoos. These include the Koi fish on the shoulder with the meaning of “going against the water” to express the strong personality of the Swedish superstar.

5 ngôi sao không thể thi đấu ở Trung Quốc vì luật cấm hình xăm - Ảnh 4.

5. Dani Alves

– Nationality: Brazil

– Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Alves has 9 tattoos and many people are surprised to learn that he tattooed Twitter’s iconic bird on his ankles.

5 ngôi sao không thể thi đấu ở Trung Quốc vì luật cấm hình xăm - Ảnh 5.










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China Should Not “Wake Up The Beast” America

Commander of the US Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, will visit Beijing and Nanjing City, and meet his Chinese counterpart, Vice Admiral Judge Jinlong and the leaders of the Central Military Commission China.

This trip from 13 to 16 January is intended to “reduce risk through dialogue”, according to a US Navy statement.

China has long been upset with the presence of the US Navy in Asia, especially the maritime freedom patrol guards on the South China Sea and the defense support for Taiwan. Last week, Chinese state media reported that the DF-26 anti-term missile was deployed to the northwest of the country and could “watch” American ships on the South China Sea.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Earlier, some “hawks” Chinese generals continued to threaten the US. While the La Naval general made a plan to sink one or two US aircraft carriers in the South China Sea, Colonel Air’s colonel commanded the Chinese warship to crash into a US Navy ship.

Ms. Bonnie Glaser, Director of China Power Project, told Business Insider that although these comments are not official voices from Beijing, they cannot be completely ignored. Henry Hemmings, an expert at Henry Jackson Association, said: “To give such a dangerous speech to the general shows that nationalism is driving China’s policy of the region”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc đừng "đánh thức mãnh thú" Mỹ

According to Business Insider, there are some concerns in the US that the sunken carrier can break the will of this country. However, other experts pointed out that the United States had lost its previous aircraft carrier but they were never excluded from the battle.

“Attacking an American carrier is the decision that any foreign power must be the most conservative. They must know that if they choose that target, the rage will strike them” – Mr. Bryan McGrath, CEO of Defense and Security Consultancy Company The FerryBridge Group LLC (USA), is no less aggressive.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc đừng "đánh thức mãnh thú" Mỹ

Similarly, Hemmings said that the sinking strategy (if it actually happened) would be counter productive by “the Chinese navy is simply not ready for a real battle”. Mr. Hemmings said, “If China sinks the American carrier, the beast will awaken!”.










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A Terrible Fired Back Of America If China Sunk Two Aircraft Carriers Carry Thousands Of People

According to Fox News, on December 20th, speaking at an industry conference of military, Admiral China Lou Yuan said the US was afraid of casualties so the easiest way to defeat opponents is sunk two American carriers, which more than 10,000 sailors were killed.

“We will see how Americans are fear!” Admiral Lou said. American journalists consider this move dangerous escalation of tensions. Officials and Chinese President Xi Jinping last time claims are solid.

US newspaper said that Mr. Xi and administration officials are disturbed by the recent events related to China. Ambition to exercise great influence over the world of China faces many obstacles since President Donald Trump constantly attacked Chinese economy.

Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người - 1

US report said that although the administration of George Bush or Brack Obama has the “less concerned about China”, the fundamental aspects of the US economy is still strong and fighting spirit of America never faded. Lesson in Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese surprise attack on the US military base in Hawaii is still there with China, according to Fox News.

If China attacks US carrier by bombers, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, the US completely flattened enough all places rocket plane was taking off. Americans then closed to commercial fleets and the Chinese navy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

Not only that, China will cut energy resources from abroad while exports blocked. After a few weeks, the Chinese factory will be frozen because no raw materials for production. In contrast, the US is the country with mineral reserves abundant and willing enough to overcome these difficult days, even in the case of China want to escalate tensions, attack the North American.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

According to the US, it is best at this time China should restrain speech, prepared to sit at the negotiating table with the US on trade issues. Donald Trump and US President Rights Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan recently emphasized that in competitive race to power, the US always takes notice at China.










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Controversy About The Chinese “Flooding The Philippines”

“How many Chinese are working in the Philippines, both legal and illegal? The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte did not provide specific figures led many MPs of its country be angry.

According to the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), in the session of the Committee for Labor, Employment and Development of human resources last month, Sen. Joel Villanueva – president of this committee – questioned officials Bureau of Immigration and the Ministry of Labor and Employment (DOLE): “Statistics of the predicates for that position level no more work permits for foreigners (AEP) but the fact that labor China is flooded. With numbers like that, sure they are working illegally”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tranh cãi chuyện người Trung Quốc "ngập tràn Philippines

Mr. Villanueva wants to know whether the Chinese people take jobs from the Philippines or not, when there are about 3.8 million unemployed people in this country (as of July 2018). According to data from South China Morning Post has, the Chinese are working legally in the field of online gambling and many other areas where the Philippines qualified to undertake (such as manufacturing, construction …).

From 2016 to May 2018, DOLE supplied 53,311 AEP level for Chinese citizens, including the management occupations, arts, entertainment, gambling, information – telecommunication, manufacturing, construction…

Tranh cãi chuyện người Trung Quốc "ngập tràn Philippines" - 1

Chinese immigrants is a sensitive topic in the Philippines. Apart from fear of job loss, many people are afraid of the price (purchase and rent) will escalate according to the Chinese wave. In the above-mentioned session, Mr. Ciriaco A. Lagunzad III, a DOLE dignitaries acknowledged that “many Chinese to the Philippines as tourists but later changed to a type of work visa”.

According to DOLE, in the period from 2015-2017, the Immigration Bureau issued 119,814 SWP (a special tourist visa), most for labor in the field of online gambling. Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry’s figures showed that at least 3.3 million people in China have come to the Philippines as tourists from 2016 to November 2018. So, according to DOLE’s current system, anyone among 3.3 million “visitors” China can also change to a work visa, as long as they get the AEP.

Xu hướng ngược đời: Người Đài Loan, Trung Quốc ồ ạt sang Việt Nam tìm việc, lÆ°Æ¡ng cao gấp đôi, miễn phí ăn ở, dễ dàng tiết kiệm được 30.000 USD trong vòng 2,3 năm

However, Mr Wilson Lee Flores, the comment pen of The Philippine Star newspaper, doubts over the figures have been exaggerated. “Why should they come here to do construction workers while the minimum wage in Guangdong was double that of us?”- he asked. Meanwhile, Duterte President reminded “the number of Filipinos working in China is also equivalent to the reverse dimension”.

Gulf News quoted Silvestre Bello DOLE Secretary that more than 12,200 people are working legally in the Mainland while about 200,000 illegal workers (in 2016). In addition, budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno month ago said Manila expects to sign an agreement with Beijing on the inclusion of more 10,000 people of the Philippines to China to work.












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