China Should Not “Wake Up The Beast” America

Commander of the US Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, will visit Beijing and Nanjing City, and meet his Chinese counterpart, Vice Admiral Judge Jinlong and the leaders of the Central Military Commission China.

This trip from 13 to 16 January is intended to “reduce risk through dialogue”, according to a US Navy statement.

China has long been upset with the presence of the US Navy in Asia, especially the maritime freedom patrol guards on the South China Sea and the defense support for Taiwan. Last week, Chinese state media reported that the DF-26 anti-term missile was deployed to the northwest of the country and could “watch” American ships on the South China Sea.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Earlier, some “hawks” Chinese generals continued to threaten the US. While the La Naval general made a plan to sink one or two US aircraft carriers in the South China Sea, Colonel Air’s colonel commanded the Chinese warship to crash into a US Navy ship.

Ms. Bonnie Glaser, Director of China Power Project, told Business Insider that although these comments are not official voices from Beijing, they cannot be completely ignored. Henry Hemmings, an expert at Henry Jackson Association, said: “To give such a dangerous speech to the general shows that nationalism is driving China’s policy of the region”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc đừng "đánh thức mãnh thú" Mỹ

According to Business Insider, there are some concerns in the US that the sunken carrier can break the will of this country. However, other experts pointed out that the United States had lost its previous aircraft carrier but they were never excluded from the battle.

“Attacking an American carrier is the decision that any foreign power must be the most conservative. They must know that if they choose that target, the rage will strike them” – Mr. Bryan McGrath, CEO of Defense and Security Consultancy Company The FerryBridge Group LLC (USA), is no less aggressive.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trung Quốc đừng "đánh thức mãnh thú" Mỹ

Similarly, Hemmings said that the sinking strategy (if it actually happened) would be counter productive by “the Chinese navy is simply not ready for a real battle”. Mr. Hemmings said, “If China sinks the American carrier, the beast will awaken!”.










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A Terrible Fired Back Of America If China Sunk Two Aircraft Carriers Carry Thousands Of People

According to Fox News, on December 20th, speaking at an industry conference of military, Admiral China Lou Yuan said the US was afraid of casualties so the easiest way to defeat opponents is sunk two American carriers, which more than 10,000 sailors were killed.

“We will see how Americans are fear!” Admiral Lou said. American journalists consider this move dangerous escalation of tensions. Officials and Chinese President Xi Jinping last time claims are solid.

US newspaper said that Mr. Xi and administration officials are disturbed by the recent events related to China. Ambition to exercise great influence over the world of China faces many obstacles since President Donald Trump constantly attacked Chinese economy.

Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người - 1

US report said that although the administration of George Bush or Brack Obama has the “less concerned about China”, the fundamental aspects of the US economy is still strong and fighting spirit of America never faded. Lesson in Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese surprise attack on the US military base in Hawaii is still there with China, according to Fox News.

If China attacks US carrier by bombers, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, the US completely flattened enough all places rocket plane was taking off. Americans then closed to commercial fleets and the Chinese navy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

Not only that, China will cut energy resources from abroad while exports blocked. After a few weeks, the Chinese factory will be frozen because no raw materials for production. In contrast, the US is the country with mineral reserves abundant and willing enough to overcome these difficult days, even in the case of China want to escalate tensions, attack the North American.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Đòn đáp trả “khủng khiếp” của Mỹ nếu TQ đánh chìm 2 tàu sân bay chở vạn người

According to the US, it is best at this time China should restrain speech, prepared to sit at the negotiating table with the US on trade issues. Donald Trump and US President Rights Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan recently emphasized that in competitive race to power, the US always takes notice at China.










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Controversy About The Chinese “Flooding The Philippines”

“How many Chinese are working in the Philippines, both legal and illegal? The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte did not provide specific figures led many MPs of its country be angry.

According to the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), in the session of the Committee for Labor, Employment and Development of human resources last month, Sen. Joel Villanueva – president of this committee – questioned officials Bureau of Immigration and the Ministry of Labor and Employment (DOLE): “Statistics of the predicates for that position level no more work permits for foreigners (AEP) but the fact that labor China is flooded. With numbers like that, sure they are working illegally”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tranh cãi chuyện người Trung Quốc "ngập tràn Philippines

Mr. Villanueva wants to know whether the Chinese people take jobs from the Philippines or not, when there are about 3.8 million unemployed people in this country (as of July 2018). According to data from South China Morning Post has, the Chinese are working legally in the field of online gambling and many other areas where the Philippines qualified to undertake (such as manufacturing, construction …).

From 2016 to May 2018, DOLE supplied 53,311 AEP level for Chinese citizens, including the management occupations, arts, entertainment, gambling, information – telecommunication, manufacturing, construction…

Tranh cãi chuyện người Trung Quốc "ngập tràn Philippines" - 1

Chinese immigrants is a sensitive topic in the Philippines. Apart from fear of job loss, many people are afraid of the price (purchase and rent) will escalate according to the Chinese wave. In the above-mentioned session, Mr. Ciriaco A. Lagunzad III, a DOLE dignitaries acknowledged that “many Chinese to the Philippines as tourists but later changed to a type of work visa”.

According to DOLE, in the period from 2015-2017, the Immigration Bureau issued 119,814 SWP (a special tourist visa), most for labor in the field of online gambling. Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry’s figures showed that at least 3.3 million people in China have come to the Philippines as tourists from 2016 to November 2018. So, according to DOLE’s current system, anyone among 3.3 million “visitors” China can also change to a work visa, as long as they get the AEP.

Xu hướng ngược đời: Người Đài Loan, Trung Quốc ồ ạt sang Việt Nam tìm việc, lÆ°Æ¡ng cao gấp đôi, miễn phí ăn ở, dễ dàng tiết kiệm được 30.000 USD trong vòng 2,3 năm

However, Mr Wilson Lee Flores, the comment pen of The Philippine Star newspaper, doubts over the figures have been exaggerated. “Why should they come here to do construction workers while the minimum wage in Guangdong was double that of us?”- he asked. Meanwhile, Duterte President reminded “the number of Filipinos working in China is also equivalent to the reverse dimension”.

Gulf News quoted Silvestre Bello DOLE Secretary that more than 12,200 people are working legally in the Mainland while about 200,000 illegal workers (in 2016). In addition, budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno month ago said Manila expects to sign an agreement with Beijing on the inclusion of more 10,000 people of the Philippines to China to work.












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The Temperature Down To -25 Degrees Celsius, The Desert In China Be White Snow-Covered

This is the third time in 40 years that white snow full covered many of area in desert Sahara. There is some places where is thick 40 cm that makes staggering and surprised.

The temperature in Badain Jaran desert which spreads throughout the provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia of China was down below -10 degrees Celsius. In particular, in the town of Zhangye, Gansu province was down to -25 degrees Celsius. This matter has made snow fall elsewhere.

Nhiệt độ xuống -25 độ C, sa mạc ở Trung Quốc phủ đầy tuyết trắng - Ảnh 1.

Notably the snow and desert sand are mixing on each other, which created lots of layers, making the scenery as beautiful as a fiction movie. An area of about 47 thousand km2, Badain Jaran desert is the third largest desert in China. It is also the place where has the largest dunes sand in the world with famous Bilutu peak as high as 500 m.

Despite a drought in the summer, but Badain Jaran is also naturally favor for many hidden lakes side of the dunes sands, mainly located in the southern of desert. Because of this characteristic, it has the name Badain Jaran – which is in Mongolian means “the mystery Lake”.

Nhiệt độ xuống -25 độ C, sa mạc ở Trung Quốc phủ đầy tuyết trắng - Ảnh 3.

These lakes also change color according to different time periods. It is due to algae, crustaceans and minerals decisions. Grass grows very scattered around the lake. This point not only adorns for the wild beauty but also is a source of food to feed the camels, goats, horses of the nomadic tribes.

Nhiệt độ xuống -25 độ C, sa mạc ở Trung Quốc phủ đầy tuyết trắng - Ảnh 3.

However, the phenomenon of widespread snowfall as this time is really a terrible trouble. It was not really easy for people to see anything and go to work as well as do daily activities. But anyway, although it is a trouble, we can not deny that the widespread snowfall as this time is rare to happen. It creates a wonderful backdrop to the virtual traveler created unique photos, rare and hard to find!
















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Chinese Military Aircraft Pervade The Sky, U.S Allies Extremely Concerned

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), South Korean authorities have expressed concerned when Chinese aircraft constantly invading the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of this country.

In the latest incident, reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare Shaanxi Y-9 entering the ADIZ of South Korea without prior notice. The aircraft entered the Socotra rock area in the sea of Japan and left the area, into the Japanese air defense identification about 40 minutes later. Not stop at that, the Chinese aircraft continue backing to South Korea’s ADIZ after more than an hour, going through the exclusive economic zone of South Korea on the sea of Japan, between the Korean Mainland and the island of Ulleungdo.

Máy bay quân sự TQ “quần thảo” bầu trời, đồng minh Mỹ hết sức quan ngại - 1

This is the unusual signs because very seldom having Chinese aircraft to hang out around the area during the afternoon from morning like that. According to the South Korean Air Force, the number of Chinese aircraft to go into service in the air defence identification in this country is increasingly on the rise. In 2016 have 60 cases, 70 cases in 2017 and only in the first 9 months of the year 2018 has 110 cases.

Seoul has summoned a Chinese military attache in South Korea to express “deep concerns” and required “measures to prevent the recurrence of this”. An anonymous source of the South Korean Air Force said Seoul is “special attention” to the incident.

Máy bay quân sự TQ “quần thảo” bầu trời, đồng minh Mỹ hết sức quan ngại - 2

Gender analysis said that flight was how the Chinese respond in front of the risk that Washington increased military activity in the area, if negotiations between the United States and North Korea broke down. By military aircraft, China extended the range but also send a message that is willing to act for the benefit of the region.

America had so many times put military aircraft to this area, including strategic bombers B-52. Beijing and Pyongyang vehemently criticized the action. “The Chinese plane’s activity is a part of this country’s long term strategy to increase the influence, enhanced presence and increased pressure in the area of the Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean”, experts at the Pusan National University – Ryo Hinata Yamaguchi said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho may bay trung quoc tan cong my

According to gender analysis, Beijing fears the Alliance of America – Korea – Japan increasingly stout, even called the NATO of Asia. South Korea and Japan have signed an agreement to share military intelligence in 2016. China has criticized the deal and said that the countries concerned have “cold war thinking”.

“The establishment of a triangular Alliance between the US, South Korea and Japan will become the biggest threat to Beijing”, said Professor Hinata Yamaguchi. “China will feel need to act to prevent the U.S – Korean – Japanese alliance become the deep alliance”.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Beijing claims the reconnaissance patrols, prompting South Korea to such concerns is a normal operation. Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Chinese Defense Ministry said the military always comply with the law and international practices, and South Korea need not be too surprised.

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The Married Couple Face Jail Sentence And Be Fined 2,500 Pounds For Let Their Children Be Off School 5 Days

A British couple are facing with a heavy punishment because let their daughter be off school 5 days for travelling in New York, United States of America.

Janine and Shane Scott, arriving from England, has just celebrated the wedding after living almost 8 years and have two children (one son, one daughter). To commemorate this event, both of them decided to come to New York (USA) for honeymoon. It is also the dream of their 7 years daughter, Elissa – the Mirror reported on 20/11.

To be travelling, she had to quit school for 5 days. This has caused trouble for her parents when they finish the trip and return home. Under the rules of the British Government, parents who let their children absent from school to travel without the approval of the school will have to face the punishment. Therefore, they may have to submit to 2,500 pounds and 3 months in prison for 5 days off of their daughter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho parents can be punish for letting children off school for travelling

However, Janine, the 28 years old women have her own arguments. She said that it was the trip of her life and very meaningful. “I fully support the children must go to school regularly, but this is the trip of our honeymoon”. The mother also said that this trip is highly educational for Elissa. She was taken by her parents to visit the memorial 11/9 events, the Broadway theater, the Museum of National History and Wall Street.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Museum of National History

The principal of Elissa does not accept this reason. She said that children are only allowed to be off school if there are special reasons. In the case of Ellisa is sick, parents must provide a doctor’s certificate. If not, the school will have to send to the family a fine paper and they will pay 60 pounds.

“The parents planning the vacation without prior discussion with the school. We have no other choice but to request issued a notice to pay fines”, the principal of Elissa’s school said.

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Teachers in UK are least satisfied with their job, study says

Job satisfaction is defined as workers’ contentedness with their job, their feelings (like or dislike) for job or any individual aspects or facets of jobs, in many things like nature of work, manager or colleague. It can be measured in 3 components: cognitive, affective and behavioral and it varies in the extent to which they measure.

Teachers in UK are least satisfied with their job, study says

A recent research of UCL Institute of Education (IoE) was conducted in 22 English-speaking countries to identify teachers’ job satisfaction. Researchers from UCL IoE analyzed data collected from more than 100,000 teachers who participated in the most recent Teaching and Learning International Survey, with nearly 2,500 teachers from England. The research is designed with the survey model and 22 countries are chosen with reasonable comparisons can be made.

This study finds that teachers in England have lowest job satisfaction in 22 comparable countries. Teachers in other countries, such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia and America had much higher job satisfaction than in England. The report says that only three countries, Latvia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic had job satisfaction as low as England. Teachers in fifteen of the countries, include Israel, Sweden and U.S, are more satisfied with their job than English teachers.

Four questions were asked in this research to measure whether they liked their work, whether they would introduce their job to others, whether they thought of leaving their school, and how they satisfied with their working life. The researchers combined the answers to create a single job satisfaction score.

Results from this research is considered a “wake-up call” for the UK Government, push them to address these fundamental issues and make teaching a profession that people want to join, stay in to contribute for education. It is believed that a school has teachers with high level of job satisfaction will give qualified education and bring up successful students.

An official from National Education Union of England said that teacher workload, combined with low pay and uncreative curriculum might be the causes of this unexpected results.

It is said that earlier this year, UK Education Secretary, Mr Damian Hinds gave a pledge to reduce teachers’ working hours in this country in an effort to tackle staff shortages.

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Live Longer by Following Scientifically Proven Tips

Your genes have only a 10% influence in terms of how you will age or how long you would live according to experts, what does have a huge impact on your life expectancy are the choices you make throughout your life. Right at the start of the twentieth-century lifespan on average was 31 years, today that number is tripled, and it is all thanks to the cumulative effects of live tweaks such as science. The earlier an individual implements a healthy lifestyle, the better quality and longer life they could enjoy. The tips include not only food choices but also an exercise, a positive outlook on life, more sleep, more laughing and just enjoying life to its fullest.

Never Be Mean, Be Nicer

According to studies published in 2012, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers in Yeshiva found that optimism has a huge impact on a longer lifespan. The effect is so much that it could mean the difference in leaving life’s party early or staying until the end.

Yoga Practice It

Yoga is a well-established form of relaxing and exercising wrapped in one. It also is a lifesaver according to studies. Yoga participants have lower blood pressure, less anxiety, they maintain a healthy weight, suffer a lot less from stress and have better breathing, which all equals a longer, healthier life.

Grapefruit You’ll Be Happy About It Later in Life

Amongst 65-year olds and that older one of the causes of serious injuries are broken bones caused by falling. The Centres for Prevention and Disease Control shared that one out of every five falls in elderly people cause injuries that are serious, although most believe strong and happy bones are a result of sipping milk, although the University of Texas recently revealed that the juice of grapefruit hugely slows down humans’ rate in bone loss and improve bone density. To reap the benefits of grapefruit, it can be eater or enjoyed as a fresh juice.

Sleep Naked

Several studies have shown that the ageing process can slow down when you sleep naked, the question is how or why. Researchers found that while we sleep our bodies slightly cools down, this causes the releases of reparative growth hormones. If you are too warm during sleep, you get less of the hormones going, being cooler lowers, the level of cortisol also known as the stress hormone that often causes overeating and diabetes.

Laugh All the Time & Fast One Day a Week

While the studies in 2012 found lifespan can be extended by an optimistic outlook, it was also found that so can laughter and love. Researchers studied 243 centenarians and found that laughter is one of the most important ingredients of a long life. The rejuvenation research journal also published the results found by eating six days and fasting on the seventh day. It showed that after a period of 10 weeks the gene SIRT 3 increased which is vital in longevity-boosting.

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Forget Brexit Count Butterflies

The request for people to start counting butterflies and stop squabbling about Brexit came from Sir David Attenborough. The naturalist urged the British public to take part in the biggest every butterfly survey worldwide and to forget all the political drama of Brexit. He was gaining support from the European community for a nationwide project in with wildlife enthusiast are requested to record and spot the wide variety of different species of the most unique and exquisite wild insects they enjoy visiting their gardens.

As a 92-year-old he was urging people to turn their minds away from the negativity of Brexit and to focus on the beauty and positivity brought with butterflies as they quietly sit down in the sun and bring with them peace and tranquillity.

Butterfly Conservation

The major exercise is coordinated by the butterfly conservation and designed to create awareness and increase the knowledge around one of the most striking and unique insects. Sir Attenborough also promoted the butterfly conservation project on Radio 4 and urged people to reach out towards that what is good and forget the woes surrounding Brexit, to leave the negative part of politics in the past and to appreciate nature, the sun and the pleasures that can be found in each garden.

The naturalist also encouraged people to enjoy the opportunity that brings calmness to their spirit and soul and to just relax and take it easy. Butterflies flourish in the current weather conditions, and some of the most commonly seen species are the sky-blue butterflies. It is the 9th year of the big butterfly counting campaign since it has been going since 2010. Up to now, more than 60,000 wildlife devotees have recorded what they have found, and the organisers hope that this year would be the highlight.

The community has been requested to take note of seventeen species, which includes the common white, red admirals, common blue, and holly blue butterflies since most butterfly species have decreased in the past 40 years in the UK. With the warmer weather, the hope is to spot more of the winged wonders than in previous years as this is the weather they flourish in and with people looking for something positive to look forward to the butterfly conservation project could not come at a better time.

The greatest fear is that the butterfly special could further decline due to cold weather conditions, but hopefully this year will bring with it lots of good news as many UK citizens plan to take part in this out-door project based on the positive. Spending time in the garden is now not only for your pleasure but also to record the habits of the most striking insects and even if you not participating it is still a great way to remove all the negative and to just enjoy the calmness all butterflies represents. Maybe the call would not only be heard by the UK community but also make people from across the globe aware of just how unique butterflies are.

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Abandoned Railway Become a Hiking and Biking Trail

An interpretation of a deserted railway and how it could look after it has been converted into a linear park, the Ludlam Trail was what turned into reality when Miami-Dade commissioners, on the 14th of September 2018 approved $25 million for the purchase of the five-mile Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, Miami-Dade commissioners approved a $25 million purchase of the five-mile railway. It will be created into a hiking trail as well as a biking trail.

A New Hiking Trail and Biking Trail Approved

It is after a long journey that the purchase of Ludlam Trail park, that Miami-Dade was finally ready to agree to the purchase and with the approval of the purchase the abandoned railway of nearly six miles will finally be converted into a running trail, hiking trail, and biking trail that runs all the way from outside of the Miami International Airport to the Dadeland Mall. After a six-year struggle the unanimous vote marked the end, the deal with Brightline railway allows 57 acres of land to be transformed into a trail that runs through a dense commercial area and residential complexes

Concerns & Disagreements Finally at an End

In the past, the Ludlam project sparked concerns and disagreement between cycling enthusiasts and the park advocates as it would involve developments to the vacant land dividing several residential neighbourhoods. Rebeca Sosa who voted yes feels the approval will make history in Miami-Dade County as the deal is final and approved with Florida East Coast Industries.

Building the Biking and Hiking Trail to be completed in Several Phases

Now significant work involves building out the entire 5.6 miles of the linear park that was envisioned, it currently suffers from contamination to the soil, which must be fixed before it can be reopened for public use. In the $94 million price tag, Miami-Dade secured around $27 million for the Ludlam plan, this means that the new hiking and biking trail will emerge in several phases.

Ludlam to be One of the High-Profile Trails soon to be created by Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade hopes to create two high-profile trials the first Ludlam and the other the Underline. Planning both in the coming years the linear park is planned to be created mostly out of already existing paths under the elevated tracks of the Miami-Dade’s Metrorail system.

Underline first Tow-Mile Phase Approved

Even before the vote took place for Ludlam, the commission committee approved $14 million for the construction part of the first phase of the construction of the Underline. The footpath will be transformed into a mini basketball court, space for table games, landscaping and exercise equipment. Meg Daly the organizer of the Underline projects feels it’s a new world for the country and was hugely excited when the Ludlam project was also approved. Should the tracks ever need to be converted back to tracks, the federal law would require the owner to allow it, even though this scenario is unlikely it is still in existence.

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