Teachers in UK are least satisfied with their job, study says

Job satisfaction is defined as workers’ contentedness with their job, their feelings (like or dislike) for job or any individual aspects or facets of jobs, in many things like nature of work, manager or colleague. It can be measured in 3 components: cognitive, affective and behavioral and it varies in the extent to which they measure.

Teachers in UK are least satisfied with their job, study says

A recent research of UCL Institute of Education (IoE) was conducted in 22 English-speaking countries to identify teachers’ job satisfaction. Researchers from UCL IoE analyzed data collected from more than 100,000 teachers who participated in the most recent Teaching and Learning International Survey, with nearly 2,500 teachers from England. The research is designed with the survey model and 22 countries are chosen with reasonable comparisons can be made.

This study finds that teachers in England have lowest job satisfaction in 22 comparable countries. Teachers in other countries, such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia and America had much higher job satisfaction than in England. The report says that only three countries, Latvia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic had job satisfaction as low as England. Teachers in fifteen of the countries, include Israel, Sweden and U.S, are more satisfied with their job than English teachers.

Four questions were asked in this research to measure whether they liked their work, whether they would introduce their job to others, whether they thought of leaving their school, and how they satisfied with their working life. The researchers combined the answers to create a single job satisfaction score.

Results from this research is considered a “wake-up call” for the UK Government, push them to address these fundamental issues and make teaching a profession that people want to join, stay in to contribute for education. It is believed that a school has teachers with high level of job satisfaction will give qualified education and bring up successful students.

An official from National Education Union of England said that teacher workload, combined with low pay and uncreative curriculum might be the causes of this unexpected results.

It is said that earlier this year, UK Education Secretary, Mr Damian Hinds gave a pledge to reduce teachers’ working hours in this country in an effort to tackle staff shortages.

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