The British lined up to apply for Danish citizenship before Brexit

Of the more than 18,000 Britons living in Denmark, the number of people transferring citizenship to this Nordic country is increasing significantly – Sputnik reported.

The number of British citizens applying for Danish citizenship has been seeing a surge in the past two years, following the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Since 2017, the number of Britons who transferred their citizenship to Denmark under its nationality law has increased from 134 to 489, according to the Danish Ministry of Immigration Statistics.

“There has been a significant upward trend among British citizens applying for Danish citizenship. I believe the reason for this is Brexit”, said Minister of Immigration and Integration Mattias Tesfaye.

While affirming his pleasure in welcoming those who want to become Danish citizens, Mr. Tesfaye also emphasized that the country has laws ready for the possibility of an uncompleted Brexit. out.

“Through this, approximately 18,500 British citizens living in Denmark will be able to continue their lives here, regardless of whether they apply for Danish citizenship or not”, he said.

After British Parliament failed to approve Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit agreement, the European Union agreed to extend Britain’s withdrawal from the October 31 deadline to January 31, 2020.


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said he would not run for the general election in December, but instead would promote a nationwide campaign against the agreement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, bringing Britain out of the European Union (EU), also known as Brexit.

Brexit party leader declares that Prime Minister Johnson must either abandon the Brexit deal reached with the EU and agree to join a leaving coalition in early elections in December, or face an election. Very fierce competition in parliament. According to him, a coalition could signal the possibility that the pro-Brexit parties will prevail in the early election. He emphasized that the only way to implement Brexit was to form an “Exit” coalition and ensure that it won overwhelmingly in the upcoming election.

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