The Married Couple Face Jail Sentence And Be Fined 2,500 Pounds For Let Their Children Be Off School 5 Days

A British couple are facing with a heavy punishment because let their daughter be off school 5 days for travelling in New York, United States of America.

Janine and Shane Scott, arriving from England, has just celebrated the wedding after living almost 8 years and have two children (one son, one daughter). To commemorate this event, both of them decided to come to New York (USA) for honeymoon. It is also the dream of their 7 years daughter, Elissa – the Mirror reported on 20/11.

To be travelling, she had to quit school for 5 days. This has caused trouble for her parents when they finish the trip and return home. Under the rules of the British Government, parents who let their children absent from school to travel without the approval of the school will have to face the punishment. Therefore, they may have to submit to 2,500 pounds and 3 months in prison for 5 days off of their daughter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho parents can be punish for letting children off school for travelling

However, Janine, the 28 years old women have her own arguments. She said that it was the trip of her life and very meaningful. “I fully support the children must go to school regularly, but this is the trip of our honeymoon”. The mother also said that this trip is highly educational for Elissa. She was taken by her parents to visit the memorial 11/9 events, the Broadway theater, the Museum of National History and Wall Street.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Museum of National History

The principal of Elissa does not accept this reason. She said that children are only allowed to be off school if there are special reasons. In the case of Ellisa is sick, parents must provide a doctor’s certificate. If not, the school will have to send to the family a fine paper and they will pay 60 pounds.

“The parents planning the vacation without prior discussion with the school. We have no other choice but to request issued a notice to pay fines”, the principal of Elissa’s school said.

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