UK: Positive Deputy Minister of Health, who attended the event with the Prime Minister

The UK has nearly 400 coronavirus infections including the Deputy Minister of Health. Companies in foggy country still require an employee to work unless the person is ordered to be on home isolation and mild symptoms are not a reason to leave work.

Deputy Health Minister is F0, Prime Minister is F1

UK Deputy Health Minister Nadine Dorries tested positive for the virus and is quarantining himself at home. The above information appears at a time when the UK had 382 cases of infection and 6 deaths of COVID-19. The 6th person to die from the virus is an old man over 80 years old and has many medical conditions.

The 62-year-old female deputy minister, a Conservative MP, said the UK Health Department had begun looking for people who had contacted her. Her offices at the Ministry of Health and Congress have been closed to guard against viruses.

UK: Positive Deputy Minister of Health, who attended the event with the Prime Minister, what is the attitude of the people about corona virus?  - Photo 1.

Dorries started having her first symptoms on March 5. On the same day, she attended an event on Downing Street hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and began quarantining herself on March 6. Downing Street No. 10 does not say whether Boris Johnson will test for the virus and when it will ever be tested.

The Deputy Health Ministers and other officials who contacted her were quite worried and had to go for testing. Deputy Minister Matt Hancock wrote on Twitter that Ms. Dorries did the right thing by quarantining herself at home and wishing her well.

“I understand why people are worried about this translation. We will do everything to keep everyone safe, based on scientific insights up to this point,” he added.

Dorries described on her personal Twitter account that: “The situation is quite unpleasant, but I hope I get through the worst.” However, she worries about her 84-year-old mother. The grandmother lives with the female deputy minister and has shown signs of coughing since March 10.

How did the British government respond?

The UK Public Health Agency has conducted more than 25,000 corona virus tests across the country. The country’s Ministry of Health also said it would improve testing capacity, making it expected that the number of infections would rise. In addition to the UK, other regions of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, will also increase testing and will be willing to share with the entire Union if needed. In Scotland 27 people were positive for the virus, 16 people in Northern Ireland and 15 people in Wales.

91 people infected in London, the next area with a high rate of infection is the Southeast with 51 cases.

UK: Positive Deputy Minister of Health, who attended the event with the Prime Minister, what is the attitude of the people about corona virus?

The British Foreign Ministry warned its citizens not to go to Italy unnecessarily after Italy ordered a blockade of the country and was the worst outbreak country outside China.

The State Department also recommended that those returning from Italy from March 10 to quarantine themselves for 14 days. The government says they have enough room for Italian tourists in the UK who need to be quarantined.

British Airways canceled flights to and from Italy until April 4 and asked its employees to volunteer for unpaid leave during this period. Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2 also canceled flights to Italy although EasyJet will organize “rescue” flights to bring Britons back from Italy in the coming days.

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