Why can’t the Chinese military take over border outposts from India?

In recent days, the Indian military has shifted from border control to a regime of border defense in the Actual Control Line (LAC). Every attempt by the Chinese soldiers to take over the Indian army outposts was hopeless, the Hindus Stan Times reported.

“The Indian military has activated the border defense regime safely enough to prevent any encroachment by Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. We have calculated and deployed forces properly, ensuring that all outposts are strictly protected”, a senior official with the Indian Defense Ministry told Hindus Stan Times.

According to the Indian Defense Ministry, since the small clashes on the night of August 29, Chinese soldiers have repeatedly violated, wanting to take over the Indian outposts at peak positions in Pangong Lake, Ladakh, but not success.

The Indian army has dispatched additional special units such as the Special Forces of India (SFF) to the LAC. This is the force that plays a major role in dealing with the Chinese army at the border. The Indian army currently occupies key points, especially important in Pangong Lake, according to the Hindus Stan Times.

India also dominated at many other LAC high points, giving its troops the ability to clearly observe every move of the Chinese army.

According to the official, although negotiations are still underway, the Indian soldiers have been ordered to remain vigilant, ready to respond to the worst of situations.

In the latest statement on September 3, India said that China should “have a sincere attitude” to completely resolve the border issue. According to India, negotiations are “the only way” to the LAC issue.

According to Mr. Kumar, on the morning of August 31 local time, many Chinese soldiers tried to occupy an Indian outpost, just as the command negotiation between the two countries’ armies was taking place.

For its part, China argues that India is the “first provocative” party and must “bear full responsibility” for the recent tensions at the border.

On September 3, the Ministry of Commerce expressed strong opposition to India’s ban on 118 Chinese applications.

“India’s actions have seriously violated the legitimate interests of Chinese investors. We urge India to immediately end its mistakes, “said Gao Feng – spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce.

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